Charter details the school’s mission, program, students served,

Charter schools have a negative effect on public education because they take away funding from regular public schools. Also, they are in many ways not put under the same federal and state guidelines, or held to the same standards, as the traditional public school system. The quality of education is often limited when compared to the results achieved in regular public schools. Charter schools should be prohibited in the United States due to the detriment to the public school system.A charter school is an independently run public school that operates under its own curriculum, not the usual public school curriculum. Each charter school has a contract, most for about 5 years. These contracts are then reviewed and if the performance of the school is below what was promised, they close down the school and reevaluate the school. After revaluation they reopen the school under a different name to draw people in. “Each school’s performance contract details the school’s mission, program, students served, performance goals, and methods of assessment.” Nearly anyone can start a charter school. Parents, community leaders, social entrepreneurs, businesses, teachers, and school districts, can submit a charter school proposal to their state’s charter authorizing group (Frequently Asked Questions About Public, charter Schools). charter schools come with many different problems, both financial and educational. Most charter schools take a lot more funding especially when it comes to bussing. Due to the fact that anyone can choose to go to a charter school, busses have to travel much further to get students. School buses traveled an extra 15,600 miles every day in 2015 to accommodate charter school students, which adds up to about an additional $85,000 every day. The raised price of fuel also adds to the cost. Most routes traveled also have fewer students on them which wastes lots of money on extra busses(Ash). The educational problems have to do with the individual curriculum and how sometimes the knowledge can not be used in the real world. The main problem with education in charter schools is the fact that they have no curriculum standards or guidelines. In the United States, the average SPP (School Performance Profile) score in 2015 for normal public schools was 77.1, but for charter schools it was 66.4, and online charter schools were at  46.8. None of the 14 cyber charter schools had SPP scores over 70, which is considered the minimal level of academic success. Eight cyber charter schools had SPP scores below 50 (Zernike). The latest national research found that charter students in Pennsylvania cover 29 fewer days of reading material on average, and 50 fewer days of math than traditional public schools (Strauss). Overall, this leads to much lower test scores and very few students go on the earn college degrees. In the California Alliance College-Ready Public charter Schools their statistics show that few highschool graduates are actually ready for the the academic and financial hardships of college even though there high school graduation rates are 95%. The vast majority drop out of college. More than three fourths of Alliance alumni do not earn a four year college degree in the six years after they finish high school. Without furthering their education, Alliance alumni face unemployment (Toppo).The traditional public school system, should be the only option for a public education for many reasons. Everyone is given the right to a free education. However, charter schools do not always provide everyone with that opportunity. Most charter schools say that students are selected by a unbiased lottery but some still require students to put test scores, race, yearly income, previous disciplinary problems and learning disabilities in with their application. This is of course not the case with public schools. Public schools are required to accept everyone within their district, providing everyone with the free education that they deserve(Strauss) Charter schools also take away a critical amount of much needed funding from public schools. This can be seen in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The normal public school system does a good job serving their majority minority students. Nearly 60 percent of minorities within the school system receive free or reduced lunch. With low dropout rate, and an outstanding music program, students remain engaged until graduation. Bethlehem’s two high schools offer AP courses. SAT scores are always close to or above the national average with most students taking the test. It has not been easy supporting the public schools, given the financial challenges of the city. The district suffered a financial crisis in 2008 and then had massive cuts in state aid in the 2011-12 school year. But the worst hit of all has come from the continuation and increase of district money to charter schools which has reached $25 million in this year alone (Strauss). When Joseph Roy, the superintendent was asked how much they would save if all 1,944 charter school students were to come back to the public school system he said, “the district budgeted $26 million (about 10 percent of its annual budget) this year to pay for tuition and associated costs to charter schools. We estimate that if all of the students in charters returned, even with hiring the additional needed staff, we would save $20 million. This is the cost of school choice.” For every general education district student that decides to go to a charter school the New Hope-Solebury School District must pay $19,000 and almost $40,000 for every special education student. Those costs must even be paid to cyber charters that have no facilities costs at all.In the case of special education students, the charter gets the higher rate, no matter how mild the disability, and it does not have to prove that it spent the money on special education services. Profits can become so immense that Pennsylvania Cyber Charter founder Nick Trombetta spent $8 million of taxpayer dollars for extravagant homes and an airplane. When Trombetta was arrested, it was not for the crazy profits, which were legal, but tax fraud(Toppo).                                                                                                                        Another reason for the ban on charter schools is the detriment of society.                                                     The lower success rate in college also leaves more jobs that require post secondary education. This would eventually leave the country in need of people to fill these jobs but not have anyone to do so. Imagine not having enough doctors or teachers because no one could get through college to take these jobs. This would also leave the economy at risk due to less money in circulation. The money being pulled from traditional public schools can also end up in the hands of the charter school owners because it is not illegal to have for profit charter schools. This means that tax dollars that were not used originally, would not be put into the school to improve the school system but put in the pocket of the charter board.(Zernike)                                                                                      For these reasons all charter schools should be either closed or turned into a traditional public school because of the harm of the traditional Public school system. Public schools are the past and the future of the country.


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