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Chapter IIntroductionThis section of research paper will discuss the context, situation and studies wherein the present study is anchored to determine the performance of Eco-champion in collecting garbage and aims to know the effect of the salary system of government in their performance. Background of the StudyGeneral ObjectivesThis study will focus on the effect of the salary system of government in the performance of Eco-champion. Specific ObjectivesSpecifically, it aims to:1. To know the performance of Eco-champion in collecting garbage in different houses. 2. To determine if the salary system will really make the performance of Eco-champion better. 3. To know the plans of government about the salary of Eco-champions. Scope and LimitationThis study will focus on the effect of the salary system of government in the performance of Eco-champion. Also, it will focus on the current performance of Eco-champion in collecting garbage. The population considered in this study is limited only to those barangays that have Eco-champion. Significance of the StudyThis study will benefit the following:CENRD: This study will serve as a basis of the government in knowing and understanding the performance of their employees.Eco-champion: This study will help Eco-champion in providing additional income. And this can guide Eco-champion in improving their performance in collecting garbage.  Future researchers: This study will benefit and help other researchers because it will serve as a guide in finding more information. This can also open in the development of new study.Conceptual FrameworkFigure 1: This paradigm shows the effect of salary system of government in the performance of Eco-champion. This figure shows that the Eco -champions performance is depend on the salary that the government provide. The eco-champions performed well if the salary is right and also we have to consider all their sacrifices for us to maintain the cleanliness of street road. Their sacrifices must be pay right so they have money to support what they family need. Having a good salary is one of the eco-champions wants have. Statement of the ProblemThis study sought to answer the following:1. What are the performance of Eco-champion in collecting garbage in different houses. 2. What are the effect of the salary system of the government in the performance of Eco-champion warriors? 3. What are the plans of government about the salary of Eco-champions? Definition of TermsEco-champion- people who collect garbage in different households or barangays. Salary- payment or amount of money that an employee will receive. Performance- the act of doing a specific task. CENRD- City Environment and Natural Resources Department. Chapter IIIMethodologyThis section presents the research design methods, procedure, locale, and population, and instrumentational used in the conduct of the study as such, this section provide details of how data were gathered and treated. Research DesignThis study will use descriptive research design that will describe how the salary system of the government will affect the performance of Eco-champion in collecting garbage from different barangays. And also, this study will use the combination of Content Analysis and Action Research phase of a study. This enables the researchers to study the effect of the salary system in the performance of Eco-champion. Research RespondentThis study will observe the performance of Eco-champion while collecting or gathering garbage from different households. They were chosen through the use of non-probability technique as a convenience sampling. Since the respondents are the most accurate and valid participant in this study. Also, the respondents have the most convenient time for gathering the data. Locale of the StudyThis research will be conducted at City Environment and Natural Resources Department particularly the employees who currently handling the Eco-champions. Data Collection InstrumentThe main instrument of this study will be interviewed and survey questionnaire that consists of open-minded questions. The narrative section of this report will first ask the respondent about the money that the Eco-champion received in collecting trash. Second, the researchers will ask the current standard or performance of the Eco-champion while gathering garbage. And the last question that the researchers will ask will be the effect of the additional salary system of the government in the performance of an Eco-champion. Data Collection ProcedureIn the conduct of the study, the researchers will make a request letter. Then the researchers will ask the permission of CENRD head and the Eco-champion employees to allow the researchers to ask open-minded questions that will talk about the current implementation of salary system of the government. After, the approval researchers will use the time allot to avoid distractions. The researcher will give enough time for the respondent to answer the questions. The results of the interview or survey will be recorded by the researchers to have a valid and reliable information. In addition, the data that will be gathered by the researchers will be analyzed and interpreted according to the specific answers. Chapter IIReview of Related LiteratureThis study presents the related literature and studies which have significant relevance on the study from which this chapter involved.  Salary can be a great influence in to one’s performance in a work place, no matter what job that they have it does not matter because the only thing that matter is if they are contented in their salary. According to Chron an online website ,”People are often motivated by money. The salary a worker is paid by his employer can have a great influence on his performance in the administration. A worker doesn’t simply view his salary as a dollar amount. The employee sees it as the value his employer places on him as a worker. The level of appreciation he feels can have a direct impact on his overall performance.” So if the employee is happy or contented with his salary, he is more likely to perform his potential, but if he or she earns a high salary he or she tends to be more motivated to do a good job because he wants to keep his job, does not get a demotion, and get a promotion in order to get a higher job. The researchers are also looking for the difference of the salary between a normal employees compared to an eco-champion employee. There may be some reasons why people choose to be a regular employee rather to be an eco-champion employee who gives a big contribution to our environment.  The researchers are finding different ways to engage job seekers to get an eco-related job that will not only benefit them through their salary but they can also contribute in helping the environment that currently is being destroyed bit by bit. According to a cite named “State of Colorado Job Opportunities” where it serves different kinds of job that provides a rewarding, long-term career where you can make a difference, because this cites help people to acquire an eco-champion job. This site also offers Employee wellness programs, Strong, secure, yet flexible retirement benefits including PERA Defined Benefit Plan or PERA Defined Contribution Plan plus 401K and 457 plans, Medical and dental health plans, Paid life insurance, Short and long-term disability coverage, Affordable ECO-Passes, On-site wellness center, 10 paid holidays per year plus vacation and sick leave and Excellent work-life programs, such as flexible schedules, training opportunities, and more. And mostly the company has a mission to “In collaboration with our partners, the Division of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement will provide independent and objective assessments that are committed to; fostering relationships, utilizing data to better understand the current environment, helping inform program practice and policy decisions, and providing support to improve clients and organizational outcomes.”Another idea from R. Korm (2011), payment or salary is proposed as a key motivational factor that influence individual and management performance. Payment was observed to be either the most significant motivation of performance or a huge effect on performance for government employees. Conflictingly, there were factors adding to poor performance it includes the human asset, overtime and organizational culture.Based on the study entitled “The Importance of pay in employee motivation: Discrepancies between what people say and what they do” the main goal of pay system is to provide a high reward for each individual that perform well. In addition money is the major inspiration and the essential motivator of people in performing a task. Further, there is an overwhelming proof that money is an essential motivation for most employees. It accurately reflect that payment level affects the way people decide. As indicated by Z. Idrees, X. Xinping, K. Shafi and etc.(2015),salary is characterized as a settled amount of money paid to an employee by a employer when work is done. It is means of observing the self-value that seen as a less significant since an organization can do the minimal thing about the performance of their employees. Based on the finding of the study salary is the extra efficient variable, which means that the overall performance of employees can be expanded to sufficient level through bringing a small growth in salary. Running Head: Effect of Salary System in the Eco-championSalary System makes the Eco-champion perform better:A qualitative study of the payment to the Eco-championA Research Presented to the Faculty of  Senior High SchoolAt Oriental Mindoro National High SchoolCalapan City, Oriental MindoroIn Partial FulfillmentOf the Requirement for the SubjectResearch ProjectAngelou Elaiza RodriguezJustine Joy Olpindo Ara Mena OlivaresJohn Eric Espiritu


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