chapter did Josie tell you that Daniel dumped

chapter i: supposably. “He said it’s because I didn’t eat his mum’s fruitcake,” I whine, tossing back my fourth tequila shot.”I don’t get why you’re so upset, babes. This is the same guy that adds an extra ‘beep beep’m’ in Drive My Car and says ‘supposibly’. If anything, I’d count this breakup as a blessing in disguise because you don’t need those kinds of people in your life,” she tries to hold back her laughter as she pours me another shot.”You liar!” I exclaim through my giggles. “Daniel’s never said such a thing.””I swear! Jax pointed it out the first time he joined us for dinner and I’ve noticed it ever since.”I squint my eyes in concentration, trying to remember if I’ve ever heard him mispronounce the word. She tsks and nods her head toward the shot glass in my hand. I toss it back, grimacing at the ‘supposibly’ story as well as the burn that the tequila leaves in my mouth.”I’ve just wasted eight months of my life with him, Aida. Eight,” I stress. “What’s the point of being in relationships if they’re just all going to go to shit?” I sigh, sliding backwards until my back hits the floor.”The relationship didn’t go to shit, he is shit.”I laugh, “Fuck off. You’re no help.””You’re acting as if your life is over,” she pokes my thigh with her foot.”Isn’t it though?!” I yell, flailing my hands above my head.”No! You’ll move on! Even quicker if you find someone else to get under first.””This is what you consider advice, you abominable–,”My sentence is cut short by the sound of our front door slamming against the wall. Without checking, I already know that it’s Harry and Jackson.”Fucking hell, have you guys scrubbed the floors in tequila or something?” Jax asks, wrinkling his nose.I blink rapidly, keeping my gaze on the patterns on the ceiling. From my peripheral, I see Harry sit on the floor and reach across me for the tequila bottle.”Harry, did Josie tell you that Daniel dumped her?” Aida asks. I don’t have to look at her to know that she’s smiling.I sit up to grab the bottle from Harry’s hands, taking a swig directly from it.Harry stares at me questioningly, “Wait, you two broke up? Why didn’t you tell me when we spoke?”He broke up with her, mate. Pay attention. He said it’s because she didn’t eat his mum’s fruitcake,” Aida continues.Harry glances between us, “Is that a euphemism?””No. I really didn’t eat the fruitcake his mum baked.””I knew he was a prick,” Jax announces, lifting Aida’s legs onto his lap.”That is exactly what I’ve been saying for the last seven months!” Aida shouts.”At least we don’t have to hear him constantly saying ‘supposebly’ anymore.”I roll my eyes at the grin that Aida is sending in my direction. “I think you lot just watch too many comedy series if I’m being honest.””Take that back!” Jackson yells, tossing a cushion just over my head. I roll my eyes and take a drink from the bottle.Harry positions his body to face mine completely and whispers lowly, “Are you okay?”I take another drink.”Would you break up with someone because they didn’t eat your mum’s fruitcake?” I say as I try to upright myself.”Well, my mum’s a great baker. I don’t know about Daniel’s.” Harry smirks up at me when I lose my balance. “Josephine Harper Ainsworth, are you already pissed?””It’s because of the breakup, it doesn’t count.”  I utter as clearly as I can, ignoring Aida and Jax as they try not so sneakily to exit the room. I nod decisively. “Break up drunk doesn’t count as regular drunk.”Harry places his hands on the sides of my thighs in attempt to steady me, amusement colouring his face.”Are you going to answer my question or not ?”He stares at me silently before speaking up. “I wouldn’t break up you because you refused to eat Mum’s fruitcake, no. Would you break up with me for saying ‘supposebly’?””You’re such a pest,” I roll my eyes.I twist from his hands and shuffle towards the kitchen. Grabbing two bottles of Corona from the fridge, I open them and walk back into the front room before plopping down beside Harry. He takes the bottle from me and then frowns. “No lime?””Don’t be difficult,” I scowl.”‘M not being difficult,” he scoffs, “It’s inhumane to have a Corona with no lime.””Daniel hated Coronas with lime – actually, he hated beer completely,” I blurt out.”Well, good riddance to him then.”He stretches across in attempt to clink out bottles together but I pull away before the bottles touch.”Were you about to cheers to my breakup?”He shrugs his shoulders lazily. “It’s a celebration in my eyes.”I begin idiotically mumbling about how peculiar Daniel was with his drinks when, suddenly, I feel Harry’s lips press against my ear. “He’s an idiot, y’know…” I jump at the contact.Pulling back, I turn to look at him. “What?”He runs a hand through his hair before responding, “Breaking up with you? He’s an idiot for that. Especially because he going to miss out on seeing those,” he tilts his beer bottle towards my chest.I snort out a laugh. “You are such a child. Besides, you were always Mr. ‘I like Daniel’.”His brows furrow. “I was not.””Yes, you were!””No, I wasn’t. I was always Mr. ‘If it makes Josie happy, then fine’.”I roll my eyes. “Now you sound like the idiot.”Harry’s mouth turns up into a smile. “Yeah, I know.””No, you know who really is an idiot?” I ask, leaning my head on his shoulder.”Jax.””Woah, you didn’t even have to think about it.””It wouldn’t take a genius to figure that one out, love,” he says with a slight chuckle. “D’you want to watch MasterChef and take shots every time Ramsay yells at someone?”I nod, looking up to him, “You know me so well.”He raises a shoulder, a smirk spreading across his face, “Supposibly.”


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