Carlos with the Japanese during the war even


Carlos P. Garcia is a Filipino teacher,
poet, orator, lawyer, public official, political economist, organized guerrilla
and Commonwealth military leader and the eighth President of the
Philippines. He is among the Filipinos who refused to cooperate with the
Japanese during the war even if he was placed on the wanted list with a price
on his head. President Garcia was known by exercising the “Filipino First
Policy” which favoured Filipino businessmen before any foreign
investor. He allowed foreign investors
to invest 40% only in capital of business or industry. He also promoted
“Auterity Program” which adhere complete economic freedom from other country.


P. Garcia is a charismatic leader, someone who use the charm of “Filipino First
Policy” embedding the devotion to the Filipinos to be great again and to create
its own identity.  Garcia able to
articulate clear-cut vision by not allowing foreigners to own much portion of
our land.  He quoted “Our biggest dream
is to be able to do this for a living, to wake up every morning and just play
music”. A homely government is what Garcia envisioned to give to the Filipinos.
He is also a risk-taking leader, someone who tried things even if others are so
afraid to go against the flow. In his time, the Philippines is very dependent
to the United States and other foreign country but then he cut the string that
make us to do what we wanted based on our free-will. He has high belief that
Filipino can do better things for the Philipines.

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put the rights of the Filipinos above those of foreigners, favouring Filipino
businessmen over foreign investors, although allowing foreign investors, to
invest in the capital of 40% in business or industry. So instead of allowing
foreign direct investors and multinational companies to come to the Philippines
and create jobs for Filipinos in the Philippines, Filipinos would prefer to
send jobless Filipinos abroad to work and working with the foreigners. The main
difference is that had this Filipinos been working in the Philippines, they
would at least be together with their families.


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