California Psychological Inventory

In a study conducted by on the personality change in women from College to Midlife. The personality scores of female college seniors studied where first measured in 1958 using the California Psychological Inventory, then again when they were 27 years old, the third time were 43. The results showed that changes in personality were largely consistent with theories of adult development. The study highlighted a major factor, sex role specialization in their late 20s and a decrease in their later years that is accompanied by increases in confidence, dominance, and coping skills.

(Helson & Moane, 1986) Claire efforts to achieve professional success rather than simply focusing on her family life would have been frowned upon. Claire own ideals and priorities would have been influenced by the norms of society. The expectation of society on her would had definitely clashed with her endeavor to develop professionally. The change in the perspective of society in the role of women had definitely changed in terms professional and long term goal.

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However, women are still held more responsible to the welfare of the children and of the family. Often, the dilemma would arise since she is permitted to do both, but she is expected to be a complete success in family life and with her professional life. This may be easier said than done. The only solution, make it both work. She wants to have sense of control over her priorities, goals and resources. Delegation and proper time allocation are some solutions she can think of as a way to resolve some concerns.

Van Hiel and Vansteenskist (2009) examined the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic goal attainment on older adults’ ego-integrity, psychological well-being, and death attitudes. Intrinsic goal attainment contributed positively to subjective well-being and ego-integrity and negatively to despair, whereas extrinsic goal attainment was unrelated to psychological health and contributed positively to despair. Intrinsic goal attainment contributed to the acceptance of one’s own death, lower ill-being, and less death anxiety, whereas extrinsic goal attainment was negatively associated with death acceptance.

It is argued that the attainment of intrinsic goals is related to better psychological health, because intrinsic goals are more conducive to the satisfaction of basic psychological needs. In summary, Claire plans to revisit her priorities, goals for each aspect of her life. Claire’s intrinsic motivation of becoming a contribution to her family, work and community would provide her with the necessary drive and energy. At the same time, she would like to be realistic in terms of her expectation of herself. She believes she can define her own definition of success. BIBLIOGRAPHY

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