c. process of change from an agrarian (relating

Electricity (a form
of energy created by charged particles such as electrons)

The steam engine (an
engine that operated by heating up water to create steam)

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Coal and petroleum
(naturally forming fossil fuels)

The use of new energy
sources, both fuels and ways of motive power.

Steel (An iron and
carbon alloy)


use of new basic materials, such as:

The main features
of the technological advancements within the Industrial Revolution can be separated
into the following:

Technological Advances

Revolution is the process of change from an agrarian (relating to the
cultivation of land), and handicraft economy, to one dominated by a capitalist
industry and machine manufacturing. The first instances of the Industrial
Revolution were in Britain, during the 18th century, and has since
spread to other parts of the globe. The most important features during the
Industrial Revolution were advances technologically, socioeconomically, and

2.    The Industrial Revolution

examining a multitude of secondary sources such as the Canadian Encyclopedia,
online articles, and published journals of the topic of the industrialization
and urbanization of Canada, this report describes the technological advances,
the positive impacts, and negative impacts of the Industrial Revolution and
urbanization period of Canada. The report then considerers the voices and
opinions of individuals during the periods of the Industrial Revolution to
determine the overall acceptance of the Industrial Revolution during the
periods of 1890 to 1914.

purpose of this report is to explain the views of certain individuals and
groups during the industrialization and urbanization of Canada between 1890 to
1914, and to briefly discuss about the history of industrialization and
urbanization of Canada.

1.    Introduction


of contents
Abstract 1
1.      Introduction. 1
2.      The
Industrial Revolution. 2
2.1 Technological Advances. 2


This report investigates the views of individuals and
groups during the industrialization and urbanization of Canada between 1890 to
1914. A brief history of the industrialization and urbanization of Canada is
initially outlined. The discussion then focuses on the views of the different
individuals and groups within Canada during said initial period. It is
concluded that the views on industrialization and urbanization in Canada was
generally agreed upon.



Teacher: Mrs. Rosiadis

Student: Marco Tan

Date: January 21st,


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