by how far is the destination, to reach


   Alexander Graham Bell

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Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847, in
Edinburgh, Scotland. Bell was the middle child of Alexander Melville and Eliza
Symonds Bell. Bell’s mother was deaf, and his father and grandfather were
famous in England for their work in a field of speech development called
elocution. This inspired Bell to study speech and communication as well.

In 1876, Bell had advanced his work to the point where he
was able to transmit sounds using a method that involved a needle vibrating in
water, which caused the electrical current to change. The change in current was
what transmitted the sound. It was this water-based device that Bell used to
say the words “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you” to his
assistant, Thomas Watson, who was listening in another room on another of the
same device. Alexander Bell received the patent of his telephone invention on March
7, 1876. An inventor named Elisha Gray had filed an intent to get a patent for
a very similar invention on February 14, 1876, that’s why the U.S. Patent
Office’s decision to award the patent to Bell created a long debate about who
deserved the patent. At the first, the telephone was hard for anyone to afford
for its high price, only rich people could. Also, this great invention had
canceled some unnecessary jobs.


Before the invention of the telephone, people communicated
by sending mails and it always took time, depending on how far is the
destination, to reach the meant person, therefore people in different and far
locations barley linked and communicated. Businesses were difficult to be
spread to other places and the life was slowly running due to the poor

The invention of the telephone has encouraged society to
learn about the oral communication. Telephone technology has widely improved
accessibility and communication within educational fields, Teleteaching became
widely used among various levels of education.


The telephone changed the pace of business, politic actions,
and made the world much smaller and more accessible in all the fields. For
example, politicians were capable of announcing their decisions easily. It also
has made communication more efficient and faster. The telephone’s impact was
increasing every day, and by time, it significantly expanded all around the


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