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Bradyn White-Hall12/7/17Period 1Mr.ParsloeAnimal Research-JerboaJerboaThe Jerboa, with one glance at this animal you might think it come from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and you probably don’t believe it.  It is a jerboa the animal that looks like somebody took different part from different animals and sewed them together. The jerboa, looks as if it has the eyes of an owl. The ears of a rabbit. The tail of a Lion. Last but not least the feet and vocal cords of a wolf. So now you know this animal is pretty crazy. Now let’s get the facts of this Interesting animal. The Jerboa awesome but weird.First of all, we should probably learn about the body of this animal. The skull, is shaped like a mouse or rat the nose is strong and adapted for tunneling burrows for refuge. Most of the jerboa species are nocturnal, which means the are primarily active at night their giant eyes help them with night time hunts. Their ears are large to very large (varies by species). Their teeth are very large and curved and grooved with strong molars for eating plants in the dry lands. Here is something a little weird the jerboa has special whiskers to help them feel their immediate surroundings in the night.Here is some key parts about the jerboas diet the might be a little wired but sure to be cool. First of all, The jerboas will feed on plants just after it rains to get the green fresh leaves. Next, Other species of jerboas will eat beetles and other smaller insects. Here is something interesting, Jerboas actually don’t drink water, they get their water from extracting moisture from their food.Last, The jerboas that live in colder environments will hibernate and to survive they live of their body fat, a little weird right.Let’s talk about their habitat. The jerboa live throughout Asia and Northern Africa. They live in the Gobi and Sahara Deserts. Sadly the are losing their habitat do to humans. The jerboa lives in underground burrows so i guess the literally could be living under a rock. Heres something interesting and smart. During the wet months the jerboa makes a new burrow in the side of a mountain to prevent flooding. Did you know that, When it is in the hot summer months some of the species go through a phase where the will not come out of their burrows at all.The life cycle of this animal may be short but is sure is interesting. The Jerboa keeps it mating and parenting to themselves they really don’t like to publicize it. Second The jerboa breeds 3-2 times a year that’s a lot of babies. The jerboas pregnancy only lasts for 23-35 days that is about like a month when with a human it takes about 9 months. Did you know that young jerboas can’t jump util the are 11 weeks old well i mean if you think about that isn’t really that long. But sadly the jerboas only live for 2-6 years. Behavior, Let’s see if these animals can behave themselves. These are very lonely animals except during mating season. It will leap to escape predators. These animals are fast for their size the can run up to 16 mph, The make their jerboas 5-8 feet long. The make their burrows interconnecting. Predators or perils the are still the same thing. Now let’s get to know the animals that hunt the jerboa down. Their main predators are owls, snakes, and foxes, my guess is that the owl wanted his eyes back. In more populated areas their predators are mainly house cats but when would you find a jerboa in a house. A more long-term peril is habitat loss inflicted by man. The long eared jerboa and lesser egyptian jerboa are least concerned of the endangered species list. There is one more predator of the jerboa is is a Jackal. Interesting Facts, In certain areas of the world people kill jerboas because of them eating crops it is so sad. This fact is really cool. Some types of jerboas cannot be harmed by parasitic diseases. There are over 2 dozen species of jerboa. There average life span is around 3 years and last but not least. One specie of jerboa is the five-toed pygmy jerboa, it only weighs 3 grams and is only 2 inches long. The Jerboa is definitely an animal that is weird but awesome it has many different parts from different animals. Overall, the jerboa you’ve learned a lot about it. The jerboa a weird but awesome “The Jerboa.” Jerboa, Description, Habitat and Life Cycle – DesertUSA,”Jerboa Facts.” JERBOA FACTS,”Jerboa Facts.” Math,”Jerboas.” Young People’s Trust For the Environment, 10 Sept. 2014,


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