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Both A Doll’s House and The Awakening  have characters who allow us to see their growth in terms of individuality, gender, and society. Nora Helmer goes through her life being treated like a doll by her husband Torvald but ultimately realizes she’s not just a “silly girl”. Edna Pontellier is someone who can be respected as she goes through conflict which leads to her changing herself.  We see in A Doll’s House how trapped Nora was by her husband and confined from being her true self. In the text it states “To be free, absolutely free. To spend time playing with children. To have a clean. Beautiful house, the way Torvald likes it”. The quote helps show how freedom is very important to Nora. She will have more free time to spend time with her kids. In A Doll’s House the text states “From now on, forget happiness. Now it’s just about saving the remains, the wreckage, the appearance.”Society has a great effect on Edna as she looks for who she really is in the world. The text states “She perceived that her will hap, stubborn and resistant.She could not at that moment have done other than denied and resisted”. The quote displays how Edna starts change and starts to find herself. How she isn’t going to do what society wants her to do. Right away at the start of both novels we how different and similar Nora and Edna are through the way they are treated and act. At the start both Nora and Edna are very pleased with their respective marriage and the way it’s going. But yet Torvald has hidden away the great quantities that Nora has and has just used her for show. As Edna is more of a free spirit and has more freedom then Nora has to do want she desires. In A Doll’s House there’s a lot of dreaming and fantasizing that Nora does which displays her lack of freedom to achieve her dreams.  In both A Doll’s House and The Awakening there is a theme of Gender that is one of the many connects both novels have. As in the Wuthering Heights can also relate to the two as in the novel has similar moments of the theme within it. The first couple of months of Edgar and Catherine’s marriage, it was difficult to see her original behavior. Catherines journey at the grange made her see the world and to value it better.The text states “she was never so happy as when we were all scalding her at once”. The quote demonstrates how her actions and looks were different and that was a huge surprise to Edgar and Heathcliff when she arrived back to the Heights. Catherine has two different personalities to herself, one is a classy lady like, and the other is an uncontrolled self when alongside with Heathcliff.


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