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Biography of Rosalind FranklinBy: Joshua YacktmanIt is the year 1962, and all over the world people are talking about Watson Crick, James Dewey Watson, and Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins. Today is an important day because the three are awarded the Nobel Prize for unlocking the secrets of DNA. But the truth is, they were not the rightful owners. They did not deserve that prize, because they stole a lot of someone else’s work. That work belonged to the Biologistscientist known as Rosalind Franklin. She is the unsung hero of DNA. You might not know that name but you should. She deserves credit and that is what I will do in this biography. The discovery of DNA might not sound like much but it has been one of the most important discoveries in science today. You might also think that Einstein made better discoveries and I am not saying he wasn’t important but this was so much more important. Believe it or not, Rosalind not being acknowledged then helped us a lot. This might sound weird but if she was acknowledged we would know much less about medicine and more people would be dead. Before the discovery of the structure of DNA life was very different. The discovery of the structure of DNA has lead us to technological, medical, and scientific discoveries and advances that have saved estimated thousands of lives. We should thank her so much and I want to tell you her story so much. There is so much to tell and it might take a while but I will tell you her life story. Let’s get started.Early life of Rosalind FranklinToday is a big day in the home of the Franklins. Today is July 25, 1920 in Notting Hill, London, United Kingdom. Today is the day that a incredible and bBeautiful Rosalind Franklin is born. Unknown to the Franklins, Rosalind Franklin is bound to help the world and save hundreds to thousands of lives. “Rosalind Franklin was born into a affluent and very influential Jewish family.” (Rosalind Franklin, N.D). It was only at the age of fifteen that she decided what career  she would havebe when she grew up. She decided to be a biologistscientist but her gender caused a lot of problems, because at the time girls were not usually scientists and weren’t accepted as much as they are today. but back to the story. She was young and did wellgood in science though and soon enough at the estimated age of 18 in 1938. She would have a good and long time there. Rosalind Franklin was a chemist. She also was very smart and helped a lot of people. In 1941 she received her BA degree in science. “During WWll she was happy and excited to get a position as a Assistant Research Officer with the British Coal Utilisation Research Association (BCURA). During her time there she worked on charcoal, coal, and other carbons which helped with the production and improvement of gas masks in WWII which used special charcoal filters.” (The Rosalind Franklin Papers N.D). Before this the daily life of someone was always varied. The Discovery Of The Structure Of DNAIn 1951 Rosalind began working at King’s College in London where she started her quest for the structure of DNA. But there was one problem, her “lab partner” named Maurice Wilkins understood incorrectly that he was her assistant and thought she was his assistant which started a fight that changed her life. They were supposed to work together and be partners but that did not happen. But back to Rosalind. Meanwhile somewhere else at Cambridge, Watson Crick, and James Dewey Watson were also working on unlocking the secrets of DNA. A while after WWll Rosalind learned crystallography by Jacques Mering and this would help her a lot.  In May 1952 Rosalind franklin made one of the biggest breakthroughs and photo’s of DNA ever. This photo was titled by Rosalind “Photo 51″. The time the DNA fiber crystals were in exposure of the x-ray was up to 100 hours and took her a full year to analyze. Unknown to her knowledge Maurice Wilkins felt left out of the work so started to help a old friend by the name of Watson Crick. What Wilkins did was dangerous but also awful. He showed Crick, and Watson Photo 51!!! This is what Watson wrote of the experience: The instant that I saw the picture my mouth fell open and my pulse began to race” using Franklin’s data less than two months passed when they announced they had discovered the secret of life, the structure of DNA. Franklin and Crick’s work would be published in the same issue of Nature in 1953. But what the issue did was put Franklin’s work behind Crick’s “discovery/ work” making it look like Franklin was just confirming Crick’s work instead of inspiring it. In 1953 Rosalind Franklin left King’s College to work at Birkbeck college in London, England. In 1956 on a business trip in the U.S. she found a lump on her abdomen that was actually ovarian cancer. In 1958 or 1959 she died at the age of 37. The cause is of why she got the cancer is not known to me but could be her work with x-rays, she rarely took precautions with x-rays to protect herself from the radiation and that could have led to radiation poisoning. She spent hours in extreme radiation but the world needed her more. While at Birkbeck college she helped discover the structure of the tobacco mosaic virus, and RNA. She was a discoverer and might have saved the world. She was a persevering scientist and is the unsung hero of DNA. Without her you or me might not be alive and we are in debt of her discoveries. We should acknowledge her and that is what I am doing right now. Telling the story of Rosalind Franklin. Her life was short and is not very acknowledged. Not many know about her when they should. You might not have known any of this before you read it but if you know someone who is learning about DNA and believe Crick and Watson discovered DNA, tell them they are wrong and about this work. Please keep on reading but if you find this incorrect please let me know. I want it to be accurate and encourage you to leave this site if you think it is bad work, or read on. Thanks for reading to those that will stop reading! That is until her death, after this I will talk about what her discovery did to her life and their impact.The impact of the discoveryThis discovery had a massive impact on her. It also changed others lives too. This might have been the biggest discovery of all time! Did you ever think that someone would figure out what DNA looked like? I sure didn’t! This a big discovery and it changed hundreds to an estimated few thousand of peoples lives. Daily. People went from working at labs and sitting there doing nothing to actually working! She inspired people. She inspires me and so many others. Shouldn’t we at least acknowledge that?!! She helped us and her discoveries made a large impact on the world. She saved lives, studied viruses, helped with the improvements of gas masks, and much more. Finding DNA was only a portion of the work she did. But not being acknowledged then was a miracle in disguise. This pushed her to study viruses and other things that would help the world. The discovery inspired people and people were more proactive because of her. She inspired many and finding DNA was hard it took a lot of work but that wasn’t enough for her she started working on viruses more specifically “the tobacco mosaic virus” (After the double helix: Rosalind Franklin’s research on Tobacco mosaic virus, June 2008) she helped us in many ways but how it came to happen is not well recognized. I did not talk about this earlier but it is not really known why she wanted to be a scientist. I want to know and I guess you do to but I can not find out why. So sorry for that. Now, who really were her parents? They are (father) Ellis Arthur Franklin and (mother) Muriel Frances Waley.  She was an explorer and pioneered crystallography and DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Rosalind franklin had siblings by the names of Jennifer Glynn, Roland Franklin, Colin Franklin, and David Franklin. She had three brothers and 1 sister. This is from youtube but the yellow is her acknowledged contributions and the grey is the unacknowledged contributions:  I would say that is a lot of unacknowledged work! She helped us a lot but it is good that she wasn’t acknowledged because if she was acknowledged she might have not been drawn to work on viruses like the tobacco mosaic virus and we would have been further back in medical advancements. Her work on DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) changed the world and medical knowledge. She was vastly unacknowledged which was a miracle in disguise. She lived a very short life and encouraged many women to work on science and she inspired so many to work on science. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have as many nurses, doctors, and scientists. Not even close to what we have today. She was a big contribution and helped us. She inspired and was an explorer and pioneer of DNA and viruses. It is time to acknowledge those who have not been acknowledged and show their true work, their true selves and their painstaking work to help us. We should be saying thanks and that is the one main reason why I wrote this.  The tragedyAll in all not being acknowledged was a blessing. She did more work in the end and she helped us much more. It is sad but it was for the better and we should at least be a little bit grateful. I doubt you know this but she was never able to hear about Crick, and Watson earning the Nobel prize. It is said that she would have gotten the prize if it was allowed to be awarded posthumously. It is also said in that case that she would have gotten two Nobel prizes. In 1982 her work on viruses led to one of her colleagues being awarded a Nobel prize. Her work led to Nobel prizes and might have saved thousands of people ( that is a estimate), ranging from her work on coal to DNA to viruses. She was an incredible person who faced sexism in science and changed the world. It is time that we push away Crick’s false account on the double helix and tell the true hero. I believe that Rosalind Franklin should have been awarded both Nobel prizes and I believe it is unfair to say she did not discovery DNA. I would like to ask you to do something.: if you see someone talking about the discovery of the structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and they believe Crick and Watson found the structure, please tell them about this and that they should learn about Rosalind Franklin because it is about time we acknowledge her. How did she get interested in science I do not know but I do know that she was not accepted much in the science community and saved a lot of people. Her work on coal led to better gas masks in world war two saving many lives, her work on DNA led to many breakthroughs in medical technology, and her work on viruses led to saving people from the tobacco mosaic virus. All in all her work led to two Nobel prizes and a estimated 1 to 2 thousand saved lives. I would like you to continue reading but that is up to you. In the next section I will talk about what I learned about science, the person, and how this will help me in my hero’s journey. The impact on meLearning about this discovery has truly changed me. It has changed the way I think about DNA, my love of science, my writing skills, and how much I do not know. I have had a spark of interest in science because of her perseverance and work and I want to work on science a bit because of her discoveries. I used to think that DNA didn’t do anything but now I know I was wrong. I learned that DNA has a massive part in our daily life and we wouldn’t be alive without it. I know so much more than I used to and I know have a new job interest because of her. I have always wanted to be a pilot but now I have a new job plan. I believe that learning this will change your life too. I also had a chance to improve my writing skills while writing this biography. I am grateful and glad to know this know and I hope you are too. The knowledge I learned will hopefully help me a lot in my life. I learned so much about their life and You should have too. I will always have one question though:, why did she get interested in science? like really, if you think about that question a lot it will come to you that that was the biggest part. If it wasn’t for that interest we would probably not have the structure of DNA known or someone else would have figured it out but that would make the story different and you wouldn’t be reading this right now. This person, Rosalind franklin has had a big impact on my life. We would have definitely been worse off if she was acknowledged then, then if she wasn’t acknowledged. I would like to personally thank you all for reading and ask or encourage you to share this knowledge you just learned. My hero’s journey will have been changed and I would like Rosalind Franklin to be acknowledged. I used to want my career plan to be this: I start in the Air Force, I become a commercial airline pilot, I become a cop and then retire. Here is my new plan: I join the U.S Air Force, become a commercial pilot, and become a scientist, become a cop and then retire. I have been greatly changed by this knowledge and want this to be shared to you, your friends, and the world! I can only achieve this if you promise to share this work to others. Thank you so very much for reading my biography. Works Cited:1. (Year/N.D) Rosalind Franklin Retrieved from: (year/ N.D) The Rosalind Franklin Papers Retrieved from: 3. (year/2008 june) After the double helix: Rosalind Franklin’s research on Tobacco mosaic virus, retrieved from:


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