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Big Baller Brand started
year 11 with a high SQ rating of 7. The company has been able to maintain the
SQ rating and recently has upgraded the 7 to an 8 star rating. Internet sales
have been the strongest market for us, which is attributed to the free shipping
offered by Big Baller Brand. Consumers enjoy getting a premium athletic shoe
shipped to them for free; they feel that the price is going to the quality of
the shoe not to shipping. Market Sales have been high and strong for several
years; this is due to Genuine’s reasonable retail pricing.


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Big Baller Brand offer a high SQ rating shoe
which raises cost to keep that type of quality competitive. The company’s
retail price was too low to keep with the quality and the competitiveness,
despite lowering quality of the shoe (which Big Baller Brand pride ourselves in
having top quality) management decided to raise retail prices. Our celebrity
endorsements are low, here at Big Baller Brand, the product will speak volumes
to the customer. In the meantime, as the shoe finds its voice, Big Baller Brand
continues to look for celebrity endorsement without spending all available
assets. Over the last few years our retail support has been low; however,
management sees it that consumers want our product. The company needs to make
the product more available to the public, in which we have made moves to
increase the number of retail support.


The company, with its high SQ Rating, has been
in its own market group. We are capitalizing on that by continuing to increase
quality of the shoe and therefore increasing the SQ rating by another point. By
doing so we are achieving in cornering the market for top quality high-end
material for athletic shoes. The economy for the United States is recovering
allowing consumers to start spending on themselves and quit wasting valuable
money on other shoes from other companies that will have to be replaced in a
few months of use.  The image rating for Big Baller Brand is an A+, as of
year 18, we have the ability and opportunity to expand and take out loans.
Moving forward with the success of the company that is a path the will need to
be taken and Big Baller Brand will be able to do so with ease.


Management thought that all decisions made were
solid and founded on good sense, after the first year Illustrious skyrocketed
to the top, in the beginning this affected the morale of the company; that
there is no way we would ever catch up to them. Nevertheless, we persevered; we
hunkered down and decided to become a top premium shoe company. With leadership
from management, we are now in the top 5 as of year 18.  Dependable shoes
are now trying to move into our market by offering 7 star rating shoe, this has
caused us to increase our rating by 1 and push for celebrity endorsement. The
economy is recovering but at a very slow pace in the United States, luxurious
items such as top premium shoes are off people’s lists and moved over to wish
lists. We continue to offer free shipping and reasonable retail pricing to ease
the financial woes of the consumer. Our public relations is minimal. Big Baller
Brand believe that our shoes will relate better to the public once they, the
public, get a pair (of shoes).


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