Bell saying that beauty is pain. But why

Bell 3Mrs. June-FragaleAP English Lang HR7 December 2017Cosmetic Surgery         Some people in the world are not satisfied with their physical appearance. They’re probably unsatisfied with their weight, breasts, certain areas on their face, or buttocks. There’s always something we wish were different. Many people turn to make-up, corsets or push-up bras. Some might take a different route, that being plastic surgery.         We’ve heard the saying that beauty is pain. But why do some take this phrase literally? Maybe it’s the physical kind that’s caused by fixing your protruding chin, or the pain of paying $10,000 to have a perfect body silhouette. In the modern world, the price of beauty in our society is higher than ever, and many people are turning to cosmetic surgery to get rid of insecurities. Plastic surgery is quickly becoming the new trend not just in women, but men, teenagers, and even animals. Presently, it is necessary to learn about types of cosmetic surgery, the financial and emotional costs of it, the consequences that come along, and a solution.?         There’s a type of cosmetic surgery for every person out there. There’s an otoplasty operation for a person with big ears, or a rhinoplasty for a person with nose shaped like a hill. There are cheek implants, chin implants, arm lifts, and even a gynecomastia “male breast reduction”. The most popular types of surgery among men tend to be fat removal and lip augmentations “getting botox”. For women, it’s blepharoplasty “eyelid surgeries”, and rhinoplasty “nose jobs” that tend to be the most common. Teenage girls undergo most breast augmentations. The list goes on and on. The world of cosmetic surgery is adding new operations all the time.         A study done by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons shows that, in 2011, 15 million people across the world turned to plastic surgery to enhance their body (Bates). Plastic surgery deals with the reconstruction or replacement of physical defects of form or function. “Television programs that promise a new face or body through multiple cosmetic and dermatologic procedures have contributed to raising public awareness about the newer and safer methods of cosmetic surgery.”(Geronemus) On the outside looking in, it might look all too nice to get a plastic surgery done and changing the appearance of a body part forever. The procedures usually cost a lot of money to get done, so it’s not something that everyone can have. Its usage is limited to those belonging to the high parts of the society. Also, plastic surgery has the potential to become an addiction. Some people who undergo it becomes attracted with the outcome and look forward to a change in every part of their body i.e. the Human Ken Doll.           Furthermore, let’s talk about what it costs to be beautiful by today’s society standards. There is a financial cost and an emotional cost. The price range can vary depending on the doctor. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons Website, states that in general, facelifts, abdominoplasty, and breast reductions are the most expensive surgeries costing $4,500 each, while the least expensive surgeries are cheek implants at $2,000 (American Society of Plastic Surgery). Cosmetic surgery is a good way to lose your money. It could be compared to gambling. Once you start, it’s hard to stop, and before you know it, all of your money is gone. The emotional cost comes into play when people are dissatisfied with their results. Then another surgery is needed to fix the previous one, and possibly another one. Before you know it, you’re addicted to plastic surgery.            Although any type of surgery can have some kind of after effect, the consequences of cosmetic surgery are different than other surgeries. There can be a lot of complications that come with it. The recovery times from some cosmetic surgeries are longer than most other operations. For someone who got an abdominoplasty, it would take days before they slowly start to walk, a couple of weeks before they could return to a job, a month before they can exercise and play sports. Other things you have to deal with are bruising, swelling, and scarring. The bruising and swelling will fade after a while. Scarring is different and could possibly create more insecurities. It takes up to a year for scars to shrink, but there will always be a permanent mark. Scars can even cause major complications. Silicon poisoning is a common problem in implant operations because it can infect your blood stream. Caused by the implant bursting, making silicon to spread to other parts of the body can cause infections. A guide to Cosmetic Surgery states that the only way to permanently remove silicon is by cutting it out, which can be impossible. Deep vein thrombosis is another problem regarding cosmetic surgery. This is a problem with patients who receive different types of lower body surgeries. This results in blood clotting in the veins of the calf. If the clot moves to the lungs, it can become fatal.          Overall, I believe that one should receive cosmetic surgery if they require it. You hear stories about a pair of twins born conjoined or a person with legs the size of an elephant’s. Without a doubt, those issues should be fixed because sometimes the situation can be life or death. It would be wrong to compare the size of your nose to the size of a person’s arm due to a disease. So what should we do? Of course, most will always be insecure about something with their body, but we should all realize that it is okay. Some things can’t be fixed. Whether it is the tiniest or biggest thing ever, we should just accept ourselves for who we are. If we just understood the concept that everyone was not born to look perfect then why would anyone get cosmetic surgery in the first place? You should love yourself for who you are despite your size, skin tone, hair length, bottom size or whatever other insecurity you have about yourself. You are so much more than your appearance.          As you can tell, the price of beauty is higher than ever. With cosmetic surgery being a growing trend, the standard of beauty is at a higher level. We have learned about the financial and emotional costs of cosmetic surgery. We also talked about the different types of surgeries and consequences after. Now that we know more about beauty in our society, we can safely say that beauty can be a pain, and that is fine.? Works CitedAdato, Allison. “Obsessed with Plastic Surgery.” People Weekly 15 Jan. 2007: 84. Academic OneFile. Web. 25 Oct. 2017.Ahmed, B. Steer, K. “Reasons for undergoing cosmetic surgery: a retrospective study.” Sexualities, Evolution & Gender 6 (2004): 75-96.?Cope, Kevin. “Beauty: An Essential Characteristic of Civilized Culture. ” Modern age 49? (2007): 372-382.Geronemus, Roy G. “The side effects of TV makeovers.” Skin & Allergy News 34.12 (2003): 13. Academic OneFile. Web. 21 Oct. 2017.Orecklin, Michele. “At what cost beauty? Plastic surgery may have lost some of its stigma, but that doesn’t mean the risks have vanished too.” Time 1 Mar. 2004: 50. Academic OneFile. Web. 21 Oct. 2017.??


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