Behavior cognition and the mood

MDMA causes degeneration of serotonin axons by causing a release of excessive amounts of serotonin hence weakening the axon terminal. This happens when the excess calcium is released inside neurons. This process makes the serotonin axons to die off. Without the neurons serotonin neurons cannot communicate with other neurons and contribute to the long term detrimental effects of MDMA on behavior cognition and the mood. Research has shown that a possible long term adverse effect focuses on two areas.

This includes the serotonergic neurotoxicity and the behavioral problems that might result from MDMA use. Serotonergic changes do not always lead to cognitive behavioral changes and that cognitive behavioral changes do not always result from serotonergic changes (Pearce, 2010). However, the effect of MDMA in causing such changes has remained undisputed. Serious adverse effects in MDMA users may be as a result of interaction of the drug with a preexisting medical condition.

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Therefore, risk of the consumption is though to be increased by preexisting cardiovascular problems. Concisely, to help reduce the consumption in MDMA there are certain organizations that have created screening test screening test kits to prevent the consumption of more harmful substances such as methamphetamine. According to research, a single tablet of can vary in cost depending on the region where it is being peddled or brought from. This makes it easy for the buyers to access it. This is the reason as to why the young adults are finding it easy to access the drug.

Since its cost is inexpensive, the young people are able to buy and use them frequently. This is one of drugs that are commonly used due to its relative low cost compared to other drugs like heroine and cocaine.

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