Before in the bibliography. Also, I have contrasted

Before beginning to explain the material in yes I would like to clarify that I am going to follow the order of the established index, where; first I have given a brief explanation it brings over of the castle, secondly I will speak about the history and the different stages and owners that the castle crosses, that is to say his evolution and architecture, and finally I will explain his architectural style, since it stands out between others.

When I was thinking which monument could I explain in this project I thought immediately in The Chenonceau Castle. I thought that this monument was one of those monument that people did not know but once they see it, they realize that they are never going to forgot. That is why I chose it and also that is why was the first monument to come to my mind.

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The Chenonceau Castle is part of the symbol of France and for most of the people is a reference in the area. There are many cities that count with castles, but in my opinion any of them is so well conserved as this.

Before chose the monument for this project, i was asking to spanish people if they have already known The Chenonceau Castle. Some people say yes by general culture, but other people did not have idea about where was it or who construct it.

My aim with this first world monument is to show to my colleagues, in particular Erasmus colleages other type of monuments that are not as famous as other like The Eiffel Tower, but they have a special charm.

To do this work I used many sources of information like different pages on internet that are shown in the bibliography. Also, I have contrasted the information because sometimes it is different to the one that we find on one page or another. That’s doesn’t mean that one of them is wrong, that’s means that maybe there isn’t a confirmed information. And finally I have research in books to be sure about the information that i was giving.


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