Basically, and Ukraine. It works similar to Trojan

WannaCry was the ransomware attack which came into existence in 2017 in month
of May. It was cyberattack which affects at worldwide level. The operating
system platform on which this virus works was windows of Microsoft. WannaCry included
many other worms and viruses like eternal blue and back doors. The main target
of this virus was to attack computer systems which were operating on windows. The
data was decoded by the virus and payments were made in form of net currency or
bit coin.

There were
two leaked tools from NSA and was speeded in number of countries. From the
reports it was cleared that the main attacked countries were India, Russia and
Ukraine. It works similar to Trojan which includes https and electronic mails. In
this there were instant messages which were appeared on user screen and when
user clicked on the link virus encrypt the data of user. The different name was
given from virus to worm because it travels from one system to another and uses
the transport formulae. There were different codes which were used to have
access to the systems. There was update from Microsoft in the month of June of
2017 but the systems which do not updated their systems were more likely to be
attacked and were infected adversely. Most systems which were attacked were
using windows 7, it was mentioned by one antivirus lab.

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The main
technique used by this virus was that in starting it targets the TCP ip address
and after that it chooses the data of the user and if it was successful the
virus spreads like communicative disease and send message to the user od
spreading their data to whole network. Then to stop this there was demand of
several hundreds of dollars in a week.

Many organizations
were attacked by this virus AP Police and many more. Number of file types were
made to do attack. It has been stopped at some major level but till the date
there is no stop to this virus but many agencies are working on it.


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