Background: for transport correspondence has made it less


In the most recent
years, elective approaches to the traditional booking service providing have
been presented, exploiting the most recent advances in information and
communication technologies. The presentation of the Internet has facilitated
the ease among the general population living in society across culture.
Existing services are gradually adjusting with innovation. From government,
business to open transport, innovation is putting its feet. At one side, it is
making the current administration old, and on another side, it is fortifying
the nature of the normal administration. The expanding capability in the market
is an imperative factor that drives the reception of new advancements where organizations
look for new chances to cut expenses by enhancing process effectiveness or
growing new items. The complementary factor of online ticketing is found in the
present transportation and correspondence administrations. All through the world,
electronic ticketing for transport correspondence has made it less demanding to
head out starting with one place then onto the next. The aggregate number of
Internet Subscribers has been expanded. An across the nation strategy of making
the nation Digital has introduced another route for innovation as the nation
built up its base of innovation just inside the last 10 years making the
objective of Digital India inside 2020 in locate. Online ticketing activity is
pulling in a ton of consideration and formally influenced it to open to catch
this specialty of the market by many organizations.

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is the leading online flight appointments in India by Deep Kalra since the year
2000; it aimed to offer a range
of best-value products and services along with cutting-edge technology and
dedicated round-the-clock customer support. After consolidating its position in
the market as a brand recognized for its reliability and transparency,
MakeMyTrip followed its success in the US by launching its India operations in

MakeMyTrip offers awesome offers, a portion
of the least airfares, exclusive discounts and a consistent online booking
experience. Flight, lodging and holiday appointments can be booked through
desktop or mobile application and with only a couple of snaps you can finish
your booking. With highlights like Instant Discounts, Fare Calendar, MyRewards
Program, MyWallet and some more, the general booking knowledge with MakeMyTrip
continually enhances its services and keeps on offering the best to its clients.
While booking flights with MakeMyTrip, you can expect a definitive online
ticket booking experience. MakeMyTrip takes extraordinary pride in empowering
consumer loyalty with reduced airfares. Benefit extraordinary offers, elite
arrangements for loyal clients and get instant updates regarding flight status
and fare drops. International and Domestic Air Tickets,
Holiday Packages and Hotels, Domestic Bus and Rail Tickets, Private Car and
Taxi Rentals, B2B and Affiliate Services are the products offered by MakemyTrip


and Comparative analysis before and after Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption

Tickets confirm the
purchase and guarantee a seat on the plane for the picked journey. To board the
aircraft tickets are required as proof. In early days of air travel,
traditional tickets are paper and are collected and purchased from the travel
agencies. Alongside globalization and enhancement in aviation industry the
procedure of ticket obtaining has additionally changed. Since the quick
development and utilization of internet since the 2000s, ticket buying has been
possible on the web online. This diminishing the number of individuals
currently utilizing the conventional paper ticket while every single
significant airline have given the possibility of online tickets,  known as e-ticket. A ticket today contains the
data of the traveler’s name, travel date, the flight number, source and
destination of travel, charges, baggage data, rules on discounts and changes,
type of payment and ticket validity


1. Long Queues –ticket
appointments to the passengers would consume a whole workday’s undertaking with
travelers beginning to arrange at 5am to guarantee they get their service.

2. Lack of perceivability – the best way to check the
accessibility of seats was at the physical ticketing counters, hence making it
impossible for passengers to look for data and plan before the really purchase.
Passengers arrive with the plan regarding the date of travel and time of travel
and purchased whatever tickets were available. Over that cancellations and
ticket adjustments expected you to rehash the whole difficulty.

3. Involvement of third party agents – these agents frequently
obtained tickets in advance either by paying off station staff or through
different means, to sell them to passengers later at a significantly higher
cost (regularly as much as 2 times the base cost).

               To handle all the
above challenges in traditional ticketing and keep away people from this
sufferance the government of Indian transportation system began offering the e-ticketing
and some privately even owned businesses additionally offer e-booking.  MakeMyTrip is one among them. It is the
leading online ticket booking service provider.

The fundamental
goal of this study is to give an alternate solution through electronic medium
and replace it with the traditional ticketing system in light of the case of
in the transportation sector.

Goals of this study

the operation, structure, advancement and advertising systems of

and suggest the merging of innovation with existing transportation framework demonstrating
the case of

Assessment of the effect of digital disruption

          As transportation industry is being utilized by a
large number of people in India is highly fragmented and as well as
unorganised. Hence it is required a significant stretch of time to witness a
few developments in the transport ticketing industry in India. As the
organisations mostly use the Internet Technology it can ease the process of
transaction and fortify the connection among organizations and clients  This paper endeavours to investigate and
assess the transformation and its effect by focusing on ‘MakeMyTrip’ which is
the largest ticketing company operating in India. The
advancement of technology has led to big progress in the system of booking tickets
over the years.

reason behind why an ever increasing number of individuals are buying their
flight tickets online is due to many conveniences and advantages online flight
booking framework offers. Contrast to the traditional method for obtaining
tickets through travel agents, internet booking today gives the entrance to
many flight paths, their costs and different services at the click of button. This
makes easy for the customer to find the best specific deal and the most
convenient connection. This can be very important for the customer with a
specific end goal to find the most ideal arrangement and the most helpful
association. Online arrangements of booking flight tickets gives more control
to the customers regarding their vacation arranging and encourages them make
educated choices. The way of searching through the flights is easy to the
point, that anyone with a computer and web access can undoubtedly seek
associations, analyze costs and buy any association they wish to. As well as
this strategy is considerably speedier, simpler, bother free and advantageous.
The customers can likewise take advantages of promotions, frequent discounts and
different offers from the airlines through subscribing to their email or by
reviewing their site. Therefore customers can know of the different policies of
the organization, for example, cancelation, baggage rules and others can easily
make utilization of those services. Online flight booking not just gives simple
and quick services to the customer from the convenience of PC from anyplace on
the world, but frequently gives services at more sensible costs. Majority of
air transportation companies additionally give the service of online check-in
after which the customer can easily print the boarding pass at home and save
significant time and hassles at the airplane terminal.

behind of MakemyTrip Innovation:

On identifying the
prevalent gap between demand and supply to the fast development for
transportation services in India almost 98% of the outbound travel by air which
mainly includes business leisure, going by companions and relatives. Therefore
MakemyTrip decided to provide a convenient, easy to use, online interactive
interface to the customer.

of Online Transport Service

to the study, during the period 2004 to 2005, there is a simultaneous rise in
the domestic air traffic and international air traffic which is around 32.09
million travelers to 39.86 million and 16.63 million to 19.41million travelers.
Also Estimates on the same anticipated that the air movement in India would
develop by 5 million travelers every year for the following decade. The choice
to enable private airlines to fly on International flights was anticipated that
would encourage more flow of air travelers. So strong development of IT and IT
empowered administrations which requested more corporate travel therefore Indian
passengers were moving towards the utilization other means of payment rather
than cash for obtaining their services.

Indian Online Travel Market from 2007 to 2015




main motive is to provide convenience to the customers with complete travel
solution by making online ticketing process user friendly which includes
selecting of flights based on time, date, place, schedule etc. It started
broadening their services in serving the entire trip incorporating pick in and
drop from their source to destination and vice versa. It provides opportunity
for instant booking with real time providing innovation by adopting the
‘anytime and anywhere’ strategy. Providing unbeatable offerings like money-back
guarantee (MBG) (where 20 percent cash back on hotels and holidays bookings
were provided if MakeMyTrip failed to deliver the promise), Visa-Kingfisher
offer (20 per cent cash back to all customers who would use their Visa credit
card to book any ticket on Kingfisher Airlines through even
introduced convenience between purchases of all travel products, tickets
delivered at doorstep.


The advantages
of digital disruption line on online ticket booking

Ease of booking:

Having the
capacity to book an airfare online means you can do it whenever of the day,
wherever you are. You can book a flight at home, while you’re in the workplace
and notwithstanding when you’re headed some placing, by means of a PC or a cell
phone. By buying a flight on the web, you likewise don’t need to stress finding
a parking space at the movement operator, sitting tight for administration or
feeling constrained to book a flight on the spot without supposing it through

24/7 accessibility

Most of the
people like to surf the Internet outside of working hours and they would prefer
not to hold up until the point when you come in to work and reserve a spot for
them. They’d like to make a booking at whatever point it fits into their own
timetable. Utilization of web based booking stage infers that your business is
accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days seven days, 365 days a year.


When you book a
flight on the web, you have the flexibility to search at the best cost.
Voyagers don’t get this sort of opportunity when booking flights through a
solitary travel agent or calling an airline. Obtaining the ticket online means
clients can look at numerous airlines before settling on their decision.

Early Check-Ins

Book a flight on
the web, and you’ll have the capacity to spare a considerable measure of time
by checking in on the web. In case you’re flying domestic, you can check in as
far ahead of time as 24 hours and as late as one hour before the flight.
Universal voyagers ready to check in the middle of two and 24 hours before
their flight. Basically go to the website and discover your reservation, enter
all your data and print out the ticket at home. Most of the airlines likewise
offer a portable registration alternative in which voyagers can have ticket
standardized identifications sent straightforwardly to their mobile.

Changes and Cancellations

Changing or cancelling
of a ticket is straightforward when you’ve booked a ticket on the web. Much of
the time, you should simply go specifically to the particular website and sign
in with your booking data. From that point, you can essentially change the
flight to a later date, move up to an alternate lodge class or drop your
reservation. Another advantage is that tickets bought at a normal travel agent may
cause an additional “outside charge,” while a few transporters defer
the additional expense on the off chance that you can finish changes online
through the carrier’s site.


service of originates from the need to tackle the issue of
clients to get the tickets effortlessly at their doorsteps as opposed to
remaining in waiting before transportation counters. In spite of their advantages, e-ticketing
involves few recommendations. A superior substitution to the service provision,
without making passengers lose their time particularly in the instances of
unexpected cancelation of flights. At low tariff rates gifting the frequent
passengers, in the form of treats, or even short excursions with sensible discounts
and surprise short trips. Promoting and publicizing about their most esteemed
passengers who have used their services to the maximum in media with exciting
awards. Conducting draw events every now and again occasionally for the
explorers, surprises to the passenger’s even while and during fly. The site can
proceed with keeping a couple of seats empty till the latest possible time for
clients who should need to book flights on emergency basis, keeping a sensible rate.

 A computer crash could
cause a passenger’s reservation and other information to simply vanish leading
to data maintenance. Few parts of the world may have poor internet speed and
availability which may be difficult for the customers to book their flight tickets
and accesses the flight ticketing website. In undeveloped parts of the world, due
to the limited knowledge and technology access customers also find difficulty
in adopting and hinder in using this service.
Moreover, as there is no face to face with a person who knows everything about
the connections, offers and company policies the customer alone might not be
able to get correct or enough information from the website. Also, the last minute changes to their plans are made by
frequent flyers, such as business travelers and they forget to use the original
e-tickets or apply their value to another flight hence the old paper ticket
might serve as a simple reminder. By the improved efficiency, online ticketing
also could make some jobs, such as those at travel agencies and airline
reservations desks, obsolete leading unemployment. Data Security – Even
sometimes there is a possibility that somebody can steal your credit card
information which leads to a security issue.


Solution to Unreliable Web Interface: Ensuring robust password recovery mechanisms,
hiding the valid account information with attacker and making sure that the
interface we are using is not susceptible

Solution to Data security: Implementing data tokenization security
innovation. It guarantees that card information is never put away in a way that
it can be recovered as the result of a breach or compromise. Guarantee your
client card information is secured by utilizing Rezgo and driving edge tokenization.

Solution to Authorization/Authentication: Implementing strong passwords, ensuring any
re-authentication is required for sensitive data and configuring password
control options for authentications.

Solution to Insecure software: Making sure whether the system can update and
using encryption methods for the updated file so as not to expose sensitive

Solution to transaction issues: Installing software which has
acknowledgement message facility. For instance, when a request made from sender
side and the acknowledgement message is received only from the receiver side
and have to accept it.


E- Ticketing services are fast
overtaking its growth from dominant proportion to world economy altering the
whole transportation and communication industry making a borderless world. With
the increasing growth in service innovation various companies are constantly
pushing its points of confinement to commercial place where they can tuck in. The case of in India is
one of these illustrations which plainly demonstrate finding a client’s concern
and implemented the service innovations. These innovations at one nation are
opening up limits in another and in the end the entire world. The main challenge
is there to locate another idea yet having a receptive outlook and a sentiment
benefit giving mentality can discover new thoughts and develop benefits in an
unheard of level.


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