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Average starStage 1Stars forms in a region of high density of Nebula (Orion Nebulae) and scattered throughout most galaxies. Stars are born when a huge globule of gas, clouds and dust (Cepheus B) begin to collapse and contracts under its own gravity. Stage 2As the cloud contracts, the materials at the centre begins to heat up and eventually, the particles (clouds and dust) start to fuse together which is the energy source of the stars. Therefore, the star starts to shine forming Protostars. Protostar is the hot core at the heart of the collapsing cloud that will become a star. If a protostar contains enough matter, the central temperature reaches 15 million degree Celcius.Stage 3During the high temperature, hydrogen atoms of new born star fuses together to form helium (diffusion) which creates energy that powers the star.Stage 4The stars starts to release energy, preventing the star from collapsing and causes it to shine. Now, it is a Main Sequence Star such as Sun.Stage 5A star of one solar mass remains in main sequence for about 10 billion years, until all of the hydrogen has fused to form helium about 50 million years and became mature from the beginning of the collapse to adulthood. Our Sun will stay in mature phase for about 10 billion years.Stage 6The helium core begins to collapse further and the star become denser and hotter.Stage 7When he core is hot enough, the helium begins to form carbon and oxygen. As the star begins to fuse helium, it creates more energy which cause the outer layer of the stars to expand. One day, our Sun will grow very large that will swallow up all the planet of the solar system and it will become a Red Giant.Stage 8The helium core runs out, and the outer layer get further from the middle and force of the gravity will getting weaker, causes the outer layers drift of away from the core and expand out to become a Planetary Nebula (the most beautiful objects in the universe).Stage 9The remaining core becomes a White Dwarf which is only about the size of the Earth that is incredibly dense and hot. After millions of years, it will cool down and become a Black Dwarf.


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