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At the earlier stage, technology has very less interaction with sports equipment, sports activities were totally based on manual organization and high workforce needed to perform certain task whereas due to total dependence on manual work it might result into a failure of activities because after all, we are humans and we made mistakes sometimes.However, in today’s world sports equipment has been evolved in a way to minimize the risk and of failure as well as performing these tasks more accurately. Till now, it is becoming the blessing for players who are using technological equipment, many players have been using these products for various means like, safety, performance improvement, and other factors. Besides that, technology and science cordially making things more realistic which were considered myths till now for instance, who would think that a man could clear 100-meter race in just 9.58 seconds. No doubt, it took a lot of hard work and practice to make it happen but technological equipment has played a major role in making ways to achieve which is usually difficult for any individual.Recording PerformanceOver the last decade, it has been evaluated that sports is not just about win or lose, recognizing good players has equally important as any other aspect of the game and modern equipment like biometric records, quantitative record of players, statistical data analysis system assist team managers to evaluate players performance and utilize their maximum potential.Now, advanced technology also leveled up competition on field level, every sports or player is using best possible equipment which can boom their performance.However, these equipment has expensive proposition due involvement of high- tech manufacturing, these innovative products are used by those which they have high involvement of money and performance matters a lot to them.Imbalance of facilities between nationsIn united states, elite level teams have been using these technological advancements and keep performing well. Consequently, it gained a lot of interest in their which result in more selling of their tickets and other material. That’s how technological improvements help companies to generate revenue for them and being better than their competition.Even North America, is facing that problem of striking competitive balance between technology as only united states and other wealthier nations accrue facilities of this expensive equipment, it also downgrading these nations while completing with these nations.Therefore, it should be the responsibility of manufacturers to provide this creativity to all nations and players regardless of seeking profit through sales.


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