At as Jack Dricoll. In the remake the

At the first
glance, the movie remake may seem no different from the original film.


But the
peculiar nature of relationship they establish with their earlier models

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And with their
audience makes them unique.


The uniqueness
of the film remake, a movie based on another movie, or competing


With another movie
based on same property is indicated by the word property.


It is always
clear that remake necessarily entails adaptation to new medium, for


remake in the
same model would risk charges for plagiarism.


In this essay,
I will be comparing the movie “KING KONG” which was originally


released in
1933 with that of its remake released in 2005.


The most awesome
thriller of all the time Ernest B. Schoedsak and


C.cooper’s 1933 Classic movie King Kong has thrilled and galvanized


audiences and
critics for decades was Remade in the year 2005.


The original
king Kong (1933) starred Fay Wray as Anne Darrow, Robert


Armstrong as
Carl Denham and Bruce Cabot as Jack Dricoll. In the remake the


story was based
on the original but was re-written by peter Jackson who also


directed the
film.Ann Darrow was played by Naomi


Watts with jack
Black as Carl Denham and Adrian Brody as Jack Driscoll and


there were also
Some new side characters.


The King of the
movie is shown very differently in remake than original.




In the original
Kong is shown as a half human and half ape creature that is


probably a lot
more human then he


Is ape. The
writer has shown him very curious and more protecting and exploring


Character In
the remake Kong is definitely more ape then human. He roars like a real


king, for me
the Kong in remake is much more better than the original one.


The use of technology
in both the original and remake also differs due to time difference or money we
can say, the 1933 film is widely renowned for being one of


the first full
length films to use stop motion animation. In the remake of King


Kong in 2005
the crew had access to more latest technology so CGI and computer


animations were
used to create animals and locations of the movie.


But the remake
in 2005 also reflects the 1933 era where there was great depression


in the country
and this is shown in both the movies.


I have seen
both the movie the 1933 and 2005, and would like to say that


the original
movie was created as a movie to convey a story and entertain the


audience, the
Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake took the foundations for King Kong


and expanded
upon it in almost every way in order to make again the


amazement of
the original for the modern audience but the audience


received the
original Kong well.


Studios know
that if a movie do well for the first time then it will do the same


Second time and
third time too and KING KONG is no exception.


A lot of people
tend to focus on what is being filmed instead of how it is


Being filmed,
this difference is remarkable in the two films the 1933 and its


remake 2005. In
the original movie, the KONG is portrayed as a violent


beast which is
threat to the civilisation and in the remake its opposite.


understandable that at the time when original film was shot the technology was


Outdated and
less special effects were there.


Let’s discuss
the effect these 2 movies had on audiences- when the original Kong


appeared in cinemas people were terrified by this movie because they were


thinking that
it was all real, some women also fainted when Kong was revealed for


the first
because of his terrifying look, but the 2005 remake gained some advantage


over it as by
this time the audience were used to scary films, it only had a mild


scary effect.
After watching the remake the people were feeling emotional.


The editors
have done a great job in the remake of the film, the use of sound


Effects, and
other things are upto the mark and showing the film as a reality


But in the
original Kong the movie was seeing more of the dramatic the  reality.


Both the films
did good at their time but remake in 2005 won many hearts


It also won 3
awards in Oscar for sound editing, mixing and sound design.





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