Astrand-Rhythmic test

Astrand-Rhythmic test is a test conducted to find the maximal oxygen uptake also known as the VO2max of an athlete. It can be used on elite athletes and individual athletes. This test helps to measure the ability to perform. The test can be done on an ergometer or on a treadmill. The measurement of the VO2max is the best measure of the cardiorespiratory system. This is important information as it indicates the body’s ability to transport and consume oxygen. There are two ways to measure the VO2max; it is the direct measurement or indirect estimation.

Direct measurement is the usually done with exercise test and a selected protocol and the indirect estimation. One of the most well-known tests is the Astrand Bike Test. These tests are called submaximal tests and are based on the relationship between the heart rate and maximal oxygen intake. Basically we are focusing on the Astrand 6 minutes rhythmic test which is an indirect estimation of the aVO2max. These test was created by Astrand in 1956. Steps 1. Determine the predicted HRmax using the standard regression equation: 220 – age. Next calculate 60% and 70% of the subject’s predicted HRmax 2.

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Work in a group of three. To measure heart rate, and recorded data. 3. Warm up about 10 minutes before the test. 4. Adjust the seat height on the cycle ergometer so that the knees are almost fully extended when the pedal are at the lowest point. 5. Start on the assistance command “GO”. 6. Adjust the work load to 100w and remain at the constant 60rpm for 6 minutes. 7. Assistance would record the heartbeat for every last 15 seconds of each minute. 8. After 6 minutes take the final work rate wattage. 9. Recorded the data onto the brianmac. com astrand 6 minute cycle test for final result of VO2max.

Results |1 minute |76 | | 2 minute |100 | | 3 minute |108 | | 4 minute |92 | | 5 minute |140 | | 6 minute |156 | Table 1: Heartbeat rate after every minute of the 6 minutes cycle test Estimated VO2 – 2. 35L Estimated VO2max –30. 93ml/kg/min What is your maximal oxygen uptake based on the results from the cycle test? My maximum oxygen uptake also known as VO2max has been amounted to be 30. 93ml/kg/min. In what category of cardiorespiratory fitness does your estimated maximal oxygen uptake place you? How does your estimated maximal oxygen uptake compare with that of your peers (i. e. , people in the same age range and of the same sex)?

Based on the Copper VO2max I have been graded poor, whereas my peers Devi and Si’Min have been graded superior. I think it help me to realise that I need to work on my active lifestyle. My aim would be at least to reach the grade of good. What lifestyle factors might have contributed to your results (ACSM, 2000)? My lifestyle was perfectly healthy until I have failed to maintain it throughout my O’ Level Examinations. I was unable to control my food intake as it was a form of relief during the stress period.

I was too tired every day to exercise and I failed to start a routine after my exams too. Conclusion This is my first time doing the astrand 6 minutes cycle test, it was fun and interesting. I have learnt that my maximal oxygen intake is poor. I have set goal to have a grade of “good” in a few months therefore I would be able to promote what I have learnt. Through this now I have been able to bench mark so at least I can improve my endurance step by step, and be able to check through the brianmac. com and be able to sooner or later be able to set goals with top athletes in the world. Reference List Astrand 6 minute Cycle Test. (1997, January 1).

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