Assessment often. For example; I go to Florya

Assessment and evaluation is an inevitable
process that takes most of time in our lives and it is generally something stressful.
Also, it may have some negative and positive effects on us. Therefore, to be
able to handle with this process we need to know and learn the most suitable
methods for the target group. For the time being, I have learnt many different
assessment and evaluation methods that could be more beneficial an effective
for the different age group thanks to this course. Now, I can decide which one
is less stressful, more suitable or which ones give me a valid and reliable
result while I am assessing my students.  As a result; I am able
to compare and contrast the methods with each other and choose the most
appropriate one thanks to my current knowledge that I have learnt at school. I
have different ideas for my future teaching practices.

            In addition to my knowledge and
ideas, I have a chance to observe the theoretical knowledge applied in the real
classrooms thanks to the university within school project. The teachers in the
college are using alternative assessment ways often. For example; I go to
Florya Bahçe?ehir College as an intern teacher. In 4th graders,
there is a method that is applied as an alternative way. The teacher
distributes a self-assessment questionnaire to the students every Friday. For
the last 20 minutes, the students answer the questions individually about what
they can or cannot do about the topic that they have learnt that week. After
the questions, at the back page, there are two open ended questions. First one
is that which point/ points did not I learn enough? And the second question is
that what will I do to learn this topic better? After the students write their
answers, the teacher wants some volunteer students to read their answers and
courage them to achieve their goals. According to my observations, this method
is very helpful for students to aware and determine about their deficiencies
and it encourages them to study. In addition to that, she also works with 2nd
and 3rd graders and she uses different ways to evaluate them. For
example; she uses flashcards frequently. She shows a flashcard and asks “what
was that, do you remember from the previous lesson?” etc. and it works well
with the young learners. Not only they enjoy but also they are not aware of
being assessed so they feel relax. They can answer the questions how they want
and without the fear of being mistake.  The
other thing that she does for assessing the student is role-playing. Without
using a book, she calls some students to the board and gives them a topic
related with the unit. Then, she wants the students to create a short dialogue,
so the teacher listens and evaluates their speaking skill also understanding
and by giving feedback to them she helps them to identify their weak and strong
sides. The other thing I observed is that in 2nd grade again she
used a productive vocabulary exercise: repetitive word writing. She distributed
a sheet on which there are the pictures of clothes and their names written
once. She wanted them to write the words 5 more times correctly. While the
students were writing, she walked around and checked their writings one by one.
To be able to get a sticker, the students were so eager to do it. I think using
alternative ways of testing and assessment is very beneficial.

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