As sphere.[1] That is because they want to

            As it is well known, Microsoft is
number one when it comes to a multinational corporation in the world. It has an
impact on every generation that exists and that will. That impact does not
include only software industry, but politics too. Microsoft has an approach to
public policy and governance, and according to their approach, they emphasize
transparency and constant progress both in the technological world and in the
political sphere.1 That is because they want
to be present in all life spheres as they see that as their responsibility as
an influential actor in the international arena.

1988 Microsoft created its bipartisan committee of Microsoft state and federal
government affairs professionals, the Microsoft Political Action Committee
It is created with a responsibility to oversight
everyday decision making when it comes to political spending. This committee is
sponsored by Microsoft because Microsoft wants to enable its shareholders and
employees include themselves more effectively in the political process of the
U.S. The vision of the creation of the MSPAC was to inform all of its members
about important political decisions and important issues that can cause an
impact on the Microsoft business.2

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support political candidates and contributes to their campaigns on local,
state, and federal level. Also, Microsoft has its programme app for political
campaigning ‘TownHall at politics online’ which is launched in 2010. The last
political candidates that they supported with the huge amount of money were
Hillary Clinton ($816,012), Bernie Sanders ($153,218), and Suzan DelBene
They typically provide support to those who share their views on public policy,
representing states or districts where Microsoft has a leading business
presence, serving as legislative or congressional leaders, or being placed in
committees that have jurisdiction over legislation that has a significant
importance for the company.4
This is the easiest way Microsoft can directly influence and control the
decision making process. They support, they finance candidates, their
campaigns, and their actions, and for the return, they have someone who will
transfer all relevant information regarding the corporation. But also those who
will be able to prevent bad decisions that could affect the stability and
status of the corporation.

way of how Microsoft is using its former employees or pays for lobbyists inside
the government is on target for criticism. This is mostly due to the fact that
they use positions and reduce taxes paid by the corporation. It is a direct
harm to the community. Also, hiring cheap labor and the conditions under which
it is working is one of the critiques.5
In this way it seems to be that rich people are leaders of the country, and
that they are using their positions to impose lower taxes on themselves. On the
website where are discussed topics mainly about Microsoft, dr. Roy Schestowitz
argued that Microsoft sure knows how to make a major advocate and client of
one’s government. Also, he mentioned that positioning people that do not have
political experience in the government chairs only because they were/are
employees in Microsoft, is not good for society in any kind.6
That is correct because there are benefits from that only for the corporation
and its members. 

table below are the current members in the MSPAC, and from the attached can be
seen on which governmental functions are committee members:7

lobbying is very strong not only when it comes to politics but also for trying
to make a monopolistic market for them. Microsoft spends a lot of money on
lobbying the federal government on different issues such as privacy, internet
security, health technology, free trade, and taxes, but also immigration reform
that helps with recruitment of foreign workers that are highly skilled.8
The Multinational Corporations involve themselves in as many areas of interest
as they can. The more of them, there is more profit and benefits for the
corporation. On lobbying in 2017 Microsoft spent $8,710,000. In addition to
that 100 out of 118 lobbysts of this corporation in 2016-2017 held government
jobs before.9

it comes to monopolistic practices several governments and companies have contributed
numerous lawsuits at the expense of Microsoft. The example is when Microsoft
was found guilty from the side of the European Union in the case of Microsoft
competition in 2004.10
Most of these cases occurred in the period from 1998 to 2009, it can be said
that today is a different situation. Microsoft also has an influence on market
in Africa, Malta, India, and Middle East countries with their products.11
Market share is not what is making Microsoft a monopoly, it is their whole
product offering that rests upon enforcement of legal monopolies of
“copyrights” by state. Furthermore, the most important thing is that
they outsource their expenses of enforcement to citizens.

as other biggest corporations worldwide has an opportunity to shape the world
we live in as they wish because of the power they possess. Certainly not to
forget and ignore all the good things Microsoft does and contribute to the
globe generally. They provide scholarships to students in need, give donations
to charities, are involved in humanitarian activities, and much more
contributions to technology development. But those negative action may
overshadow 3 good if it is harmful to a large extent to the whole of society.
Those abovementioned negative cases are just fish in the sea and the cause is
not hidden. In this 21st-century, realist approach to the MNCs and IOs is
clearly present and obvious. Causes of all of those immoral activities of
companies and people in charge, market manipulation, bribery, corruption, all
are placed in one common goal: profit-seeking. The money is only what can feed
their hunger. Changes can be made and cheating can be stopped, but only if the
government starts to build a transparent and a system without corruption, which
will not be lead by people who are there just to protect themselves from the






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