As neighboring countries. There are lots of changes.

As our moving up speaker said during his
speech, “There are good things about K-12 in terms of employment”. As we all
know, pioneering senior high school students are about to graduate and will
either go to college or ill proceed to employment as they are in the legal age
and practical courses are under their strand, most especially TVL students. In accordance
with this, it is a good thing that K-12 was implemented since it surely
contributes something big to our economy and for the globalization and
improvement of the Philippines. The point is, Philippines, marked as having 6
years in high school just as the big universities in the whole world, could now
start its development and can play big roles in line with America, Europe, and
Korea and so on. Senior high school opens more and more opportunities for the
Philippines, which is from the Philippines and could improve our Philippines.

Globalization, on the other hand, is about
creating opportunities. It is simply about the connection and the connectivity
of a nation to other nation in the globe. Innovation for the betterment is the
main reason why K-12 has been implemented in the Philippines.

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In the year 2012, K-12 curriculum in the
Philippines has been implemented. Instead of “First year high school
student” students are now called as “Grade Seven students”. As for the old
curriculum of Education in the Philippines, students who graduated in fourth
year high school should still go to college as their extent age of graduating
is in 16 to 17 years old which are not suitable for work. Unfortunately, as the
studies shows, Philippines was one of the listed country with lack and low in
education compared to the other neighboring countries. There are lots of
changes. The subjects are now parallelized as though some subjects taken by the
fourth year high school students under the old curriculum are now taught and
tackled by the early grade seven students under K-12 program. As the officials
says, this curriculum is for the betterment and for the improvement of the
education for globalization of the Philippines which can lead us to have a
better economy in the near future.


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