As how much hesitant the tutor or learner

     As we sail through 21st century, the use
of technology is becoming more and more predominant in our

 daily lives. Textbooks and writing pads are
replaced by tablets and computers. We can research about

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 almost anything within seconds by the help of
technology in the form of just a palm-size smartphone.

 Social media has become commonplace, and the
way we use technology has completely transformed the

 way we live or lives. Whether, it is any kind
of public place, gym, restaurants, malls, doctor’s office, etc.

 no place can function without technology.


      Technology has become one of the major
aspect of people’s lives. Now almost every work department

 is dependent on technology for better work
efficiency in some way or the other. Technology has been

 embraced in almost all the areas of society of
which one of the most important is education department.

 Incorporation of technology in the classroom
can be defined as the theory, development, utilization,

 management, and evaluation of processes and
resources for learning. Educational technology is a

 discipline devoted to techniques to make
learning more interactive and efficient. Each and every educator

 is responsible to provide an educational
program that develops each child’s learning capacity and goals.

 This technology based society develops young
individuals to become more understanding, independent,

 productive, creative, and knowledgeable in
whatever they do. Having proper access to technology and

 knowledge of how to use it has become
essential nowadays as it is considered as one of the most

 important skills in the workplace. As in a
journal named, “Use of Technology in College and University

 English Classrooms” by Bethany Black and Marie
E. Lassmann, Anderson and Horn have point out that,

 “Computer literacy has been accepted by
educators and experts as an integral part of one’s education.”

 No matter how much hesitant the tutor or
learner is about using new technological tools, it is a fact that

 college and university degree will always
count skills in technological tools as a major

 requirement.(Black) Technology has emerged to
become a crucial tool for the students to execute their

 ideas, solve problems and enhancing their
knowledge skills. It is helping a great deal in expanding the

 learning experience of students. In many
cases, use of specific technology helps a lot in improving

 students capabilities and thus, their grades
as well.


is very beneficial for the students in so many ways. Students can easily access

 information they need regarding any subject,
it offers millions of ideas for assignments and projects,

of solutions to all kinds of problems of any subject is available on internet,
all kinds of books are

 accessible to them online in case they are
unable to buy the books they are required to, online tutoring is

 available to everyone and it has been used to
improve students’ grades. Technology has made it possible

 for disable children to learn just like normal
children. There are many schools that are unable to

 accommodate special students because of lack
of resources. Before the use of technology in colleges that

 can help the students with disabilities
existed, they were deprived of the opportunity to attend a regular

 college and learn. This prevented them from
receiving a formal education. But now, the integration of

 technology in college classrooms has made
educating disabled children possible. Students who belong to

 a poor background or who cannot afford
technology (gadgets) in their home get a great opportunity to

 increase their technological skills in
classroom. Integrating technology in the classroom allows students

 to be integrated into society as well as it
offers them limitless possibilities, thus proving to be beneficial.


there are many educators that are against integration of technology in
classrooms. They

 regard it as harmful for the students.
According to them, technology encourages laziness, can be

 expensive, and that it interferes with
children interacting with teachers and their classmates. They claim

 that usage of technology in classroom
initiates distraction and lack of focus in studies.  In order for

 technology to be properly used in the
classroom, educators must invest time and be interested in getting

 the proper training required to be able to
effective in integrating technology and not hindering children

 from properly learning. Although use of
technology in the classroom is a global issue of debate, still

 incorporating technology in the classroom has
more pros than cons.


impact that technology has had on today’s students has been quite significant

helps in address individual needs of every student as well as tutor. Students
get the

to independently explore their complex problems and become responsible leaders

 in their own
learning. Technology equips teachers and educators to assess and be able to

on each individual’s student strengths and
weaknesses. Keeping in mind the importance of

technological knowledge in student’s life and career,
many educators use various methods to

technological learning more efficient for students. One of the ways to improve

learning is differentiating the instructions among pupils. This is explained by

Davies in “Educational Technology Research & Development” journal that,

 purpose of
differentiation is to meet the learning needs of individual students.

for students generally includes identifying the capabilities of individual

flexibility in the pace and content being presented, and making instruction

 for the
individual student.” This will help every individual student to focus on a

skill at a time and thus will develop their knowledge and focus.






















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