As hope to get some short-term feedback on

As we know, the most essential kind of
leadership power is personal power. Someone is capable in getting people to
work because of their experience, knowledge, charisma, or access to information
when he or she uses his or her personal power. I personally also more and more realize
that the good leaders believed to be the most influential are actually the people
who work their personal power, but not people who just rely on the power of the
job title. We can see that influence usually comes when a person exercises the power
of who they are as a person. As time goes on, the “who you are” will
impact your daily actions, which
is how you want to treat other people, especially when you think that
nobody is actually looking. People’s traits such as honesty, fairness, and compassion
are able to help people build up a leader’s personal power.

I used to believe that for managers, on one
hand, since most of them are achievement-motivated who focus on their personal
improvement, they would like to do the work by themselves. On the other hand, like
other employees, they also hope to get some short-term feedback on their work performance
or evaluation, and then they can let other people understand which jobs they
have completed and how good they are doing their jobs. However, based on my
observation, I found out managers in large or company, instead of performing all
the tasks by themselves, they need to have others such as their subordinates to
work together for the company. As a result of that, those managers need to do their
jobs without getting some personal and immediate feedback because tasks have
been assigned to a lot of employees. For example, for a senior project manager
in my company, it seems like his job is to focus on more finding project staffs
who are able to or know how to influence other employees not those who just can
do things better alone by themselves at the corner of the office. So as an employee
I can realize that a professional leader or company top manager here usually possess
a real high need for power instead of focusing on getting the achievement,
which is very important to their management work. Of course, that need has to
be controlled, so it can be directed to the whole company’s benefit.

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