Arthur the relationship between intolerance and fear. Intolerance

Arthur Miller’s “the Crucible” involved many terrible forces of social pressure, as well as rumors. In the face of public hypocrisy of personality integrity and arrogance of the price-related issues. One of the topics in the novel that still relevant in today is the relationship between intolerance and fear. Intolerance often comes from fear, where every society has intolerance. It is intolerable to disobedient people. If someone is not very religious or has a different faith, they are accused of co-operating with the devil and doing witchcraft. Right now, there are many people have started to say publicly that they do not believe in God. They do not have to worry about being hanged anymore. However, there are still many factors in this society that are not tolerated by people, such as homosexuality and racial discrimination, so the theme of intolerance remains relevant today.The important point in the story is hysteria. In the novel, Abigail lied to the court to consider Elizabeth a witch. Even people knew Elizabeth was a good person, there is no one really cares about Elizabeth. They only care about their own interests, even though Elizabeth is respected in the town by so many people. Hysteria can also be seen during the red panic when many were accused of being Communists. Because people are blindfolded by their rights and interests, they lose their moral heart. We are still facing such a problem now, such as the political war without smoke and the people are their weapons. Many people publish speeches or articles to blind their eyes to their own ends.Another important point in this novel is the use of gossip to maintain its reputation, which is of great importance to the characters in this novel. For example, Parris is more concerned with witchcraft than with his comatose daughter. Proctor’s wife was sent to prison because he did not hesitate to believe the rumor and admit it. It can also be seen that the status of public figures is very high. Their presence is influential and the credibility of the messages raised. The crowd in modern society is not very judgmental and can easily drift. For example, a lot of people now are suicidal because of rumors on the Internet. Or a public figure was found derailed, the first time not to feel sorry for this incident, but to defend their reputation and blame others.The crucible remains relevant and much needed in the 21st century as it reflects the community’s return to the audience no matter which country or community is performing. The play unfolds through personal failures and despair, exposing the role of the audience or reader to finding certain parts of himself so that they can view their society more critically.The Crucible has been politically significant since its inception, but the mass-media and digital roll-out brought the smoke-free war to skyrocketed.


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