Art has been with me ever since I

Art has been with me ever since I was little when I would pester my mother by drawing on the walls of my house. From here on, my fascination of art grew and I was really interested on the idea of creating my very own artwork. Art made me believe that people are entitled to a different opinion towards art. For instance, I could interpret Klaus Pichler strawberries “Elsanta” as a beauty within the things we eat. On the other hand some one else may describe it as disgusting, unreal or even abnormal. However the charm of this subject doesn’t have a right or wrong answer.During my GCSE I discovered that I had a creative side and an imaginative mind that would explore all aspects of life. Currently I am an A-Level student in Art & Design, with this course I am exploring as well as learning about new artists, drawing skills and using different mediums. It keeps me thinking about how can I develop my ideas in different ways. My previous project, titled Viewpoint, allowed me to go out of my comfort zone and look at life in a different light while being inspired by artist like Klaus Pichler. Within this project I found out that I had a hidden skill, a skill of painting, which was something I would always be scared of because I thought I would create mistakes. Undoubtedly, my final piece is the strongest art piece I have ever done.I’ve had experience in my own school working as a technician in the art department. The role allowed me to see behind-the-scenes of one of my art teachers. My art experience has not just stop there, I’m also currently a reliable subject mentor for art, in my school. I meet up with young GCSE students on a weekly basis to discuss their current work. I assign them improvements that would allow them to progress with their work. This specific experience gave me an insight of my future of becoming an aspiring art teacher. By doing a foundation degree it would allow me to explore, experiment and experience new creative studies on a university level. I believe it would also help me to develop a greater understanding of the course and prepare me for a Fine Art degree. To me the subject art is not a choice of career but a life path that is designed for me?


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