Around the US and Australia. In the US,

Around the world, temperatures changes between countries, but this year, the changes are huge between the US and Australia. In the US, people have to deal with freezing weather, while in Australia, the Christmas weather has been the warmest in years, and this is due to where the countries are situated, their seasons are reversed between the northern and southern hemispheres, which means that their weather is completely the opposite.The storm Grayson, which started in January 3rd, left US Temperatures over -30°F, leaving 18 inches of snow and winds have been going at a speed of 90 mph. (144.8410 kph) Many people were taking flights to come back home after Winter Break, but over 6000 flights had to be delayed and canceled due to the weather. Not only US residents had to deal with the cold weather, but also Canadian residents and visitors where their thermometers reached -50°F. Not only the American brutal weather left wind, snow and cold behind, but it also left car accidents, and the unfortunate death of 12 people.The US National Weather Service (NWS) said that the weather and temperature in New York City had reached has reached one of the lowest temperatures for January 6th of -13°C. Thousands of people at the JFK airport have been laying down on the floor, no space to walk. A water pipe broke down and freezing water was everywhere. According to the NWS, more than 30 cm of snow covered parts of the US like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire. While the USA is freezing, Sydney has had an extreme heat wave.  There were many people and charities handed out water to the homeless people that have to sit on the streets all day. Many hospitals and people have been taking the homeless people in to check them and keep them safe. The tennis tournament in Sydney, had to cancel because the temperature was above 40°C. The cricket players that came from England and Australia were playing on the Sydney Cricket Ground and had the hottest day. Queensland and New South Wales had the warmest years on record 2017 which was warmer than average temperatures across Australia. The office’s annual climate statement released on Wednesday revealed 2017 was Australia’s third-hottest year on record, with the annual national mean temperature 0.95C above the average. The office said background warming associated with climate change had seen Australian annual mean temperatures increase by about 1.1C since 1910, and most of that warming had occurred since 1950. Australia is above average temperatures at the same time with what the office called an “exceptionally warm” year globally, part of a continuing trend. In Australia, it is usual that there are wildfires and now there have been many wildfire warnings because of the extreme warmth. The estimated global mean temperature for 2017 was 0.09C above the 1961 to 1990 average, and the bureau said it was “likely 2017 will be the second or third-warmest year on record since 1850”.Many scientists believe that this was due thanks to climate change. They say that this is a perfect example of showing that climate change is getting worse every year since 30 years ago, these horrifying floods and the extremely warm weather did not happen. There were many factors that made this happened like natural seasonal patterns and ocean cycles, but climate change made the flooding and the hot temperature so much worse.


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