Animals That Heal

Animals play a very important role in our lives whether we realize it or not. Animals connect people that otherwise have nothing in common and even change people’s lives. Animals love unconditionally, and do not judge people based on appearance or other material characteristics. They are some of the most innocent beings on the planet. They act based on the way they are treated, and have healing powers we as people cannot fully understand. Although it may be hard to believe, things as small as animals save people in more ways than most people can imagine.

Animals can connect even polar opposite personalities. One of the newest programs introduced in many juvenile correction facilities is the dog program. If the kids involved are well behaved they can sign-up for the dog program. What happens in most institutions is that each inmate is assigned a dog that is usually rescued from death row in a shelter. This gives these animals a second chance which connects them to the kids who desperately need a good second chance. Besides that connection the dogs also teach the inmates a sense of responsibility.

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The dog cannot feed itself or take care of itself so this put the dependent animal’s care in the hands of these kids who otherwise had no responsibilities. Often there are check-ups every week to see if the inmates are really taking good care of the dogs. If a dog is neglected or if the inmates acts up they lose their dog showing them consequences for their actions. Also the dog supplies companionship which the kids might not otherwise get and allows an emotional connection to something that some inmates might not have anywhere else.

This has shown great improvement for the kids in the program and has now even branched to adult institutions. This also is a way of the inmates getting love from a place that otherwise is full of negativity. The animal doesn’t care what you did to get put in the facility. They only care that it is treated with love and compassion, and in return it gives you its loyalty and love. This is actually similar to the way animals work in nursing homes.

The animals are always happy and loving which is a great thing for the sick or elderly. These people may not get other visitors and these animals are always happy to see them. This improves the mood of the institution which improves the feelings of the patients, which improves their condition some of the time. Animals help brighten people’s day. If there was a patient with a terminal illness they often bring an animal in to cheer them up and provide a companion for them.

This makes their treatment a little bit happier and keeps their morale up even though the situation might be grave. Animals heal even the saddest emotional wounds. Animals provide such amazing gifts that many people take for granted. One thing is certain, that we do not fully understand the importance of animals in our everyday lives. The sheer presence of an animal has the power to change someone’s life forever. That is the biggest role any animal could hope to have in life and most do their job very well.


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