ANIL recognition and identification function as well as



Identity-Authentication System Using Fingerprints

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                        Fingerprint verification is an important
biometric technique for personal identification. In this paper, we describe the
design and implementation of a prototype automatic identity-authentication system
that uses fingerprints to authenticate the identity of an individual.

                       We have developed an
improved minutiae-extraction algorithm that is faster and more accurate than
our earlier algorithm . An alignment-based minutiae-matching algorithm has been
proposed. This algorithm is capable of finding the correspondences between
input minutiae and the stored template without resorting to exhaustive search
and has the ability to compensate adaptively for the nonlinear deformations and
inexact transformations between an input and a template.

                        To establish an
objective assessment of our system, both the Michigan State University and the
National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST 9 fingerprint data bases have
been used to estimate the performance numbers. The experimental results reveal that
our system can achieve a good performance on these data bases. We also have
demonstrated that  our system satisfies
the response-time requirement. A complete authentication procedure, on average,
takes about 1.4 seconds on a Sun ULTRA 1 workstation (it is expected to run as
fast or faster on a 200 MHz )











Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology


                         This project is to
develop an authentication system on two-wheelers based on biometric that can be
used to secure the two-wheeler from theft. This project will utilize a
fingerprint scanner as the input to acquire fingerprint images and to ignite
the system. When fingerprint is scan on fingerprint scanner, fingerprint images
will be sent into database and will be match with stored data.                           

project is also need to develop programs that fingerprint recognition and
identification function as well as database to store the fingerprint images. In
the database there will be a lot of information about the fingerprint such as
fingerprint pattern, fingerprint classification, fingerprint identification,
fingerprint reference point and others. All of this is to match the input
fingerprint images with the fingerprint images in the database. These eliminate
the need for keeping track of keys. It can only be opened when an authorized
user is present, since there are no keys or combinations to be copied or
stolen, or locks that can be picked. In this project the fingerprint module
from Maxis Biometrics is used. It can store up to 768 finger prints on its own

microcontroller AT89S52 interacts with the module. You can add a fingerprint,
delete a fingerprint and identify the fingerprint. To identify the finger,
press the Identify button and if the finger matches then the Relay is
complemented. Also the fingerprint ID is displayed over the LCD display. LCD is
displaying the speed and distance travelled by vehicle.






                                  FINGERPRINT BASED IGNITION SYSTEM



                       Human identification is
field very significant and which has undergone rapid changes with time. An
important and very reliable human identification method is fingerprint
identification. Fingerprint of every person is unique. So this helps in
identifying a person or in improving security of a system.

print of a person is „read? by a special type of sensor. Finger print sensor
can be interfaced with a microcontroller. Through keypad we can add new user
and delete the existing user, also identify the user by selecting corresponding
option through keypad.

                        In this paper we use a
fingerprint module to read once identity to start the equipment. For this we
use a microcontroller to enable the ignition system if the matching between scanned
data and the already existing data is correct. Comparison is done inside the
fingerprint module itself and its output is given to microcontroller. Result is
displayed in a LCD display whether the user is authorised or not.

                        The sensor used is FIM
3030 by NITGEN. Microcontroller used is AT89c52. AT89c52 is a low power, high
power CMOS 8 bit microcontroller. It consists of 32 I/O lines. The other main
components are the decoder and the latch. The decoder used is DM74LS138 where as
the latch used is 74HC373.














                        The project is to create an authentication
system for two-wheelers based on the most popular biometrics that are nothing
but Fingerprints. Basically, it is made to prevent the two-wheeler from thefts.
The self-start of the two wheeler is replaced with the fingerprint system. The
recognition of the fingerprint is based on certain factors such as unique
patterns, reference points etc.

                        The project consists of
the AVR microcontroller AT Mega 328, fingerprint scanner module R305, Fuel sensor
and GSM Module. The fingerprint Module R305 has memory storage capacity of 256

                        As soon as the
fingerprint module acquires the fingerprint, the fingerprint module immediately
in interacts with the microcontroller and checks if that fingerprint is present
in the database of the module. For a valid fingerprint, the ignition system is
started provided sufficient fuel must be present. If the fingerprint acquired
is invalid then a message will be sent to the owner of the vehicle using GSM
Module. LCD Display and DC Motor is interfaced with the microcontroller. LCD
Display displays the desired output while the DC Motor starts with valid
fingerprint and sufficient fuel.














Z. Brijet


           Vehicle Anti-Theft System Using
Fingerprint Recognition Technique


                      This work is
focused on protecting cars from unauthorized users and to prevent the vehicle
from theft. Using biometric fingerprint security system only authorized persons
can start the vehicle. This makes the vehicle protected. The security system
usage is increasing and is necessary all over the world.

                          Usage of biometrics
like fingerprint is used widely and is common in factories, buildings, schools and
colleges and many more applications. This project deals with the
protection of the vehicle which leads to the development of the antitheft
system in a car using AT mega 328. A fingerprint sensor which is kept inside
the vehicle is used to sense the fingerprint.

                           Fingerprint sensor
data reading obtained in the AT mega 328 which is analysed with the
pre-assigned data. Identifying the person as the car owner or an authorized
fingerprint user who can take control of the car, the engine ignition system
starts. If it is an intruder, engine never starts. Other security systems can
be hacked, whereas in this case fingerprint is being used as the key which is
unique for each person and therefore gives improved security.













Elahi A


                 Biometric Authentication Based
Vehicular Safety System


                    In vehicle security system,
the objective is to prevent the theft of vehicle and ensure safe driving. One
level of ensuring authentication of driving is through finger print recognition
system that authenticates a user being an authorized person to have access to
the ignition system.

                    In this work we proposed a multi-level
authentication for vehicles. In this system, the finger print image of the
eligible driver will be programmed into a smart card and this card along with
real time finger print scanner is employed to authenticate the driver. If there
is no match between the image stored in smart card and the real time image
acquired by finger print scanner vehicles ignition system will stay in OFF

                    While issuing the license,
the specific person’s fingerprint is to be stored in the card. Automobiles are
equipped with a card reader capable of reading the particular license. The same
vehicle should have the facility of biometric reader device.













N. Kiruthiga


A Study of Biometric
Approach for Vehicle Security System Using Fingerprint Recognition



                           The use of vehicle is a must for everyone. In the same way,
safeguarding the vehicle against theft is also very essential. Impediment of
vehicle theft can be done remotely by an authorized person. Embedded computing
technology is an emergent field used in all the areas.

                      A competent automotive
security system is implemented using embedded system along with Global System
for Mobile (GSM) and Fingerprint Recognition. This paper gives a literature
survey on the vehicle security system using person identification techniques.
The survey mainly emphasizes on major approaches for automatic person
identification, namely fingerprint recognition and various existing vehicle
security system. The security system can be implemented using Microcontroller.






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