Ancient essential building block in later civilizations. Thales

Ancient Greece was the birthplace of Mathematics. Mathematics was widely studied and taught in ancient Greece. Mathematics was very influential in the progression in the society of Ancient Greece. Mathematics transferred to all aspects of life from building of great structures, to the studying of the stars, mathematics also appeared in some art forms. Similarly in the case of historians, the first mathematicians were found in Ancient Greece. Many of the theories they discovered not only helped Ancient Greece develop culturally, they have become an essential building block in later civilizations. Thales of Miletus one of the first mathematicians. He discovered five geometric theorems, including the theorem that the angles at the base of an isosceles triangles are equal. His knowledge of geometry helped to improve navigation. Perhaps the most famous Greek mathematicians of all were Pythagoras of Samos (528 BCE-500 BCE). Pythagoras studied the pattern of numbers, often by laying out pebbles on the sand. He worked out many different mathematical principles, including the intervals in a musical scale. But his most famous theorem concerned the right-angled triangle.             Several essential mathematicians are associated with the Hellenistic Age as well. Euclid (36 BCE-300 BCE), the most famous wrote 13 books of geometry that teachers were still using as textbooks a hundred years ago. His principles are still part of geometry studies today. The mathematician Archimedes (287 BCE-212 BCE) worked out the area of a circle by studying its diameter and circumference. Archimedes also discovered that an object’s weight was the same as the weight of the water the object displaced.             Many of the world’s most significant mathematical breakthroughs took place in Ancient Greece, about 2500 years ago. Even with the primitive technology and sources at the time, most of the theorems are still applicable in the world today.


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