Ancient campaign then they included women in election

Ancient Greece’s philosopher “Plato” saying still holds good. We take pride in India being a robust democracy. Yet, as the matter of concern, a large Indian population still does not vote in the election. According to India’s first election website “” say the average 40 percent population does not vote in the general election. Political behaviour is like other behaviours of the human being, takes place in a particular socio-cultural milieu. It is affected by many factors combining together, like social structure, economic development and historical factors, and these factors are affecting the pattern of voting which is the key mechanism of consensus in a democratic society. Voting one of the major aspects of the political process to choose a leader. It gives opportunities to those who seek power and domination to do so through social channels and in process oppose the social reality before the megalo-mania in human beings.During Panchayati Raj election time every individual must have political interest, it is necessary to have individuals interest to vote in the election. The voting behaviour of scheduled tribes in Uttar Dinajpur, to know the scheduled tribe’s interest in Panchayati Raj, the study have questionnaires on this, and the argument based on respondents response. Some of our respondents said that they are not interested both male and female, it is rather a rational decision to them, most of them think, they have not benefited from anyone including their representative. And Women’s interest depends on the male decision, and women are less active than male, in political process only when political parties need the mass crowd for the election campaign then they included women in election activity. Some respondents said, tribal people are always under the economic burden, employment presser, because of their social economic condition, they are most time engage in income activities if they engage in in political activities, it’s directly affected their daily life and responsibilities. What I find, the young population are more active in the political process in Panchayati Raj, because they have the less economic burden and family responsibilities compared to middle and old age in Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal.  The political attitudes of every individual are conditioned by the set of values on depends on information and knowledge or political processor. The interest of voting of any individual less or more reflects the degree of political information. The education background of the individuals also is a deciding factor which facilitates them to improve their political interest and voting interest and also education help to choose the tribal leader in Panchayati Raj Institution, but it doesn’t mean educated individuals are more active rather than uneducated in the political process. A unique feature in the electoral politics in Uttar Dinajpur is that the voters tend to favour candidates who are officials nominees of the ruling party. Their orientation towards party has nothing to do with the policies and programmes of the concerned party.


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