An far. The fact that good quality education

An Investment in knowledge pays you the best interest. Coming
from a humble background this believe has been inculcated in me right from
formative years. This belief has been the shaping factor of my life so far. The
fact that good quality education used as a ladder to prominence inspired me to
work hard from my school days. An institute plays a vital role in molding an
individual. So I always strived hard to get into a premier institute which
would offer me a challenging environment and knowledgeable(eminent) faculty to
learn from.

After cracking Join Entrance Examination in 2012, I opted for
mechanical engineering in Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. I was a
consistent performer in academics, which helped me in bagging Institute Merit
Scholarship. Never hesitated in sharing knowledge with my peers (fellow
students) (or approaching them) (on the subject of study), which helped me in
building a good network.

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In third year of my college, a group of students including
me took initiative to represent out institute in national level automotive
competition, SUPRA SAEINDIA – 2015, held by Society of automotive Engineers
India leading the way for juniors to participate in the upcoming years. This platform
provided me an opportunity to manifest my leadership skills as I was chosen to
lead the group in the designing and fabrication segment of the project.

Later on, I was elected as the student representative of
Department Undergraduate Program Committee (DUPC), a body which serves as a
link between undergraduates and professors to address various curricular
concerns of students. I was involved in reviving a practice where the
professor’s guide students in procuring internships which had gone passive in
last few years. My work also involved setting up counselling session for
students facing major decline in academic performance. ( During my time as DUPC
member I tried to analyse the reasons leading to underperformance of students
and come up with solutions to address them on the ground level). I felt a sense
of contentment in helping the fellow students going through difficult phase in
their academic life.

After Graduation, I started working as Consultant at EXL
Analytics, one of the largest provider of advanced analytics to the global
market. My primary responsibility involves transforming data into information
and information into insights to a large personal lines insurer. I achieved the
targets I was entrusted with which helped me in bagging “Shining Star
Award”.  Leveraging the knowledge, I
acquired during my (intial) projects I also went onto win (intra exl) analytics
quotient quiz. I was able to learn how analytics could help in solving business
problems. I used to notice how my senior colleagues had a tremendous amount of
business knowledge, which helped them to take a well-directed approach to a
problem. This always motivated me to attain business knowledge.

Now with my analytical skills in place, I realized the need to
learn business aspects to make myself equipped in this …. Corporate world..

I always wanted to take up responsibilities at a higher
level. I believe an MBA would help me in moving up the corporate ladder and be
in a globally responsible position and involve myself in high-level decision
making. An MBA from prestigious institute like IIM Bangalore will help me learn
business in a structured way. The rich industrial and academic experience of
the faculties, the peer to peer learning culture and the industrial
interactions of IIM Bangalore will give me a good exposure to business and help
me in evolving to be a part of India Inc (analogy to global), making decisive
impacts for my organization.










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