An Application to the GWU for taking up the Study of Medicine

An Application to the GWU for taking up the Study of Medicine

In the year 1825 a department of medicine was opened in the George Washington University or GWU, which over the years has matured into a premier institution in the world that imparts the latest medical education and provides perhaps the best medical care in the world, in addition to providing extremely good ambulance services. Despite having been destroyed in a fire during the Civil War, in the year 1861, it was rebuilt and has emerged a pioneer in a number of key areas of medicine like neurosurgery, treatment of cancer and cardiology (Anderson, 2004).

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I am extremely interested in taking up medicine at the GWU. There are a number of factors that have made this my major objective in life. During my high school days I was an exemplary scholar and obtained the first rank, while graduating from high school. Later on I lost my academic keenness due to some personal problems. My latent passion for medicine came to the fore and I joined a community college in order to obtain an associate’s and then a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I have been working in the GWU ICU as a nurse and have found that the variety of cases and patients makes for a fascinating study. Unfortunately, the limitations of practice severely curb personal fulfillment.

It is a fact of life that things that affect a person personally have profound effect on that person. My work with patients has served to develop an intense interest in medicine. Furthermore, my mother developed breast cancer and has been suffering from the past ten years. This has provoked a passionate interest in medicine. Moreover, my mother has been very supportive and encouraging with regard to my fervent in interest in pediatric oncology or childhood cancer. Now, I am thirty years old and have made it to the Dean’s list, I am a dedicated member of the Red Cross and in addition I devote forty hours every week to at the GMU’s ICU as a registered nurse. I have completed my bachelor’s in nursing. At present I devote a large amount of time to the study of medicine and at present I well equipped and motivated to handle successfully the rigors of academics. Under these circumstances I am extremely desirous of taking up a course of medicine in the GWU, because simply stated, it has the best to offer in the field of medicine.


Anderson, D. G. (2004, March 10). A Brief History of The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Retrieved September 8, 2007, from The George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences:



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