Ambition: often confused with aspiration. The main difference,

Ambition: when is it beneficial? Should there be limits on ambition?Ambition is the result of determination and hard work. In the society we live in, ambition is what drives one to reach their goals. Moreover, the concept of ambition provides a rank in society that proves to be highly respected and valued. The purpose of life consistently provides one with their own meanings and interpretations of what they want in life. There are various ways one can elucidate the meaning of ambition. However, ambition is often confused with aspiration. The main difference, is that ambition keeps fueling your motivation, however aspiration remains as dreams and hopes. Without the fuel to burn, the aspiration of hope, is difficult to turn into a reality. In the society we live in, the concept of ambition is highly valued and respected. We look up to others, as a futuristic goal and as role models, as they layout what we might potentially want.Often times there are people who are extremely captivated by the words of ambition and want a way to escape from that harsh environment. Sometimes, the drive can be so strong, that it lures you out of your own mind, and perspectives are flipped around. When one’s ambition becomes the thing in life that one relies on, it may begin to endanger one’s health. Ambition may end up being an aspect of life that one could never imagine living without. Say that you’re a musician who loves to compose and create music more than anything. You practice as soon as you wake up, and the last thing you do is practice once again. Evidently, you want to improve with each note you play, no doubt. However, there will always be that stress and frustration you feel when you aren’t making progress. Often times, one’s ambition needs to be balanced with an everyday life, that does not include their ambition in order to live comfortably. The concept of ambition may be difficult to grasp for some individuals. The question often possed is “how can one live a positive lifestyle?”. The constant reminder of the question distracts one. It hinders to one’s abilities to make use of time. If one constantly questions their abilities rather than actually pursuing it, one will remain stuck in the moment, stagnant, unable to move on in their life. The mindset of being stagnant, by pursuing no activity in addition to dull and sluggish, will never allow one to pursue ambition, but rather dream about ambition. As a human, one must overcome negative mindsets in order to pursue positive aspects that ambition carries. Having an ambition and something to chase, carries out the negative vibes one’s life carries. Often individuals are so caught up in pursuing a dream or ambition they tend to lose sight of their limits. Pursuing a path which is beneficial and swerving and defying the law of gravity to fly over the path are two different laws. The first, is that of which you wish to win in the game of prosperity. However, as life has taught us, nothing is perfect and there can be a shift in intentions where winning isn’t about achieving. It’s about beating the other person. This shift in intentions blinds people in the wreckage they cause from there own individual selfish ambitions. This is where the idea of a limit should be set. This idea of setting a limit, a stop point, and pushing your limit almost seems like a paradoxical notion. One idea tends to contradict the other. I want to conclude my speech with an insightful quote.”They harness it so that it fires them without also burning them or those around them.” This quote by Neal Burton, the author of Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions explains the notion. It signifies the act of control in one’s ambitions. Passion, Pain and desire is an important and great perspective, however when this passion gets past a limit, it can be detrimental for others. Losing control due to the negativity as explained above, not only cause to the downfall and destruction of oneself, but to society as a whole.      


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