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Health basically refers to the general condition of a person or human covering all the aspects or features. Health can be defined as the status of entirely material or physical, psychological and socially sound state of a person. A person enjoying absence of any disease or frailty doesn’t satisfy the state that he is healthy. Some people characterize health as a source for daily life, and deny the verity that it is the purpose of livelihood. Health is something like an optimistic impression highlighting the social and delicate individual resources, in the presence of physical or forcibly capabilities.

Medical experts imply that there are four general determinants of health i. e. human ecology, atmosphere, standard of living, and healthcare service (Blaxter 2010). The reason for selecting this definition is that, it basically satisfies my internal philosophy which also believes that health is something reflecting one’s fitness; it could either be physical or mental. Mental Health: Mental health basically refers to the illustration of the intensity of cognitive or emotional stability of a person.

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It could also be said that the absence of mental disorder state is also a type of mental health. Mental health basically implies the ability of the person to enjoy his life against the different challenges of the life and to acquire stability or some kind of equilibrium between the activities of his daily life and labours to attain psychosomatic or emotional buoyancy. Mental health is generally an appearance of our sentiments and thoughts preserved in our mind and indicate a successful adjustment to a variety of demands like stress, anxiety or strain (Videbeck 2005).

The reason why I preferred this definition is because of its simple illustration regarding the concept of mental health. This definition is simple enough to make anybody understand the concept that refers to mental health. Illustration of Mental Illness: Health issues or concerns, whether they are mental or physical, are becoming fairly common in this stress productive modern world. I, as a student and a common man, have certain concerns that were required to be settled regarding my own mental health.

So I studied and researched a little about mental illness or diseases that were occurring, throughout the world, in this highly competitive environment. In addition to that, certain mental patients present around my social circle helped me a lot to obtain information about different mental diseases. There are certain examples which I came across with during the investigation. Some were associated with my family friends and about the rest I acquired from my social circle. The first one relate to my uncle who was suffering from Delusional disorder, a type of Psychotic disorders.

People suffering from this disease have difficulty in thinking rationally and their judgments are impaired. Living their daily life becomes very, very difficult for them. This initiated when he starts having negative thoughts for others, then some delusions start occurring with him. His mind got involved in some strange thoughts such as being followed by someone or thoughts like others are planning anything or ganging up against him which is similar to paranoia. These delusions were lasting for a month or so and then something new gets started.

But soon this disease got addressed by his children and then his treatment started and now he is recovering gradually but effectively from this disease. The other example relates to my father’s friend, who was suffering from personality disorder. This disease is basically caused from the long term usage of poor coping skills. There are several classes among this disease but all of them consist of behaving in situations that are against the expectations of the society. People suffering from this disease are constantly involved in adverse ways of reacting to other people, and also to very stressful situations.

The class of personality disorder being faced by my father’s friend includes Anxious fearful. This disease has inducted origins like avoidant personality disorder (fear of enchanting risks, gullible, hyper-sensitive, avoids all things that include social interaction) in his personality. His actions soon made his colleagues at work realize that he is suffering from any disease and soon they contacted with a doctor who immediately started his treatment. This disease requires a lot of time to recover and so he is still fighting hard with this disease.

The third example relates to a relative of my friend who was suffering from Organic brain disorder. There are certain types involved in this type of disease. These types of disorders are the unswerving result of physical (all through the body) changes and diseases that influence the brain. All these types escort to some degree of perplexity and fantasies in addition to anxiety and anger. My friend was so shocked when he heard the news that his relative (cousin) suddenly got admitted to hospital.

He was basically studying abroad and there he picked a bad habit of taking Drugs which was discovered when he got admitted in hospital. The type of disorder of which he was suffering from was Drug Intoxication. But he wasn’t able to recover from this disease, even though he acquired the treatment for 2 months. No, there is no around that a person who is suffering from any mental disease is healthy at the same time. It looks fairly unrealistic as a person who is experiencing any mental disease can remain healthy.

Mind always play an important role in a person’s life as it is mostly involved in taking decisions regarding one’s daily life. A healthy mind is important as a healthy body to your overall well being. Good mental health helps one feel good and comfortable about you. It also helps one in connecting with others; find meaning or something purposeful in life and something to thrive at work and play. Good mental health doesn’t mean that one will always remain happy, secure and unconcerned but good mental health can help one to keep problems under control.

Therefore, good sound mind is essential for one to remain healthy enough to be happy. Yes, living a meaningful life itself represents its importance. Everybody in the world want to remain happy in his life and want to enjoy all the opportunities he is been awarded with. Anyone suffering from any mental disease would definitely be not well enough and will sense a state of insecurity, uncomfortable and soar. A person recovering from any disease would definitely be willing to life a meaningful life i. e.

a happy contended life with the important people around him as he has recovered from a disease which was quite painful itself, therefore getting a second chance, so now he would be more willing to enjoy all colours of his life. People do begin feeling stigma strongly once they start to realize that they are ill to some disease that can be mental or physical. Many people suffering with serious mental illness are challenged twice. Firstly, they struggle with the symptoms and disabilities that is the outcome from the disease.

On the other, they are challenged by the stereotypes and discrimination that result from misconceptions about mental illness. As a consequence of both, people suffering with mental illness are deprived from the opportunities that classify a quality life: good quality jobs, secure housing, acceptable health care, and association with a socially diversified group of people. Although stigmatizing approach is not restricted to mental illness, but the community seems to dislike persons with psychiatric disabilities significantly more than persons with related conditions such as physical illness.

Unlike physical disabilities, persons with mental illness are perceived by the community to be in control of their disabilities and accountable for causing them. The behavioural impact that results from communal stigma may obtain four forms: withholding help, avoidance, coercive treatment, and segregated institutions. Previous studies have revealed that the community will deny helping some minority cluster because of analogous stigma. A more extreme form of this behaviour is social avoidance, where the community strives to not interrelate with people with mental illness.

Studies have revealed that stigma has a poisonous impact on obtaining good jobs and hiring secure housing. The public endorses segregation in institutions as the best service for people with severe psychiatric disorders. Ultimately, these mentally ill and retarded people end up separating themselves from the selfish world. Bibliography: Blaxter, M. , 2010, Health, Polity, Cambridge, UK. Videbeck, S. L. , 2005, Psychiatric mental health nursing, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.


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