Akash and therefore I wish to pursue graduation

Akash Rajain


Course Applied: Mechanical Engineering

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Keeping in view that my undergraduate course would be completed
in a few months, I am at the crucial stage wherein I have to decide what I
would be doing to improve my career. I have a great compulsion towards
practical industrial work environment and therefore I wish to pursue graduation
study. Also, the sweeping changes in Global Industrialization and
Design Engineering have made the role of mechanical engineer a really
indispensable one. It has been my deepest desire to be a part of this rapidly
burgeoning community. With due
reverence to the Department and the University, I pen down this Statement of


To reach the peaks of perfection, I consider studying in a
suitable environment and a good university with a rewarding research program,
where the research facilities and the faculty at the university are excellent
is of utmost necessity.


Right from my schooling I have shown keen interest in
mathematics and physics that enhanced quantitative and analytical skills in me.
This strength enabled me to secure 85% in my high school (10th grade). I passed
my senior secondary school with 69%.Pursuing engineering as my future was a natural
consequence because of my love towards science and technology. To study in this
field, I had to overcome hurdles, a common entrance examination, which I had to
take along with 1.3 million of students in India, all aspiring to get
through.  I passed with flying colors and got among top 150,000 students
who took the examination. I took up Mechanical Engineering in North Cap
University as my undergraduate major because it has tremendous potential
to become a dominant force in this millennium, affecting all walks of human
life. I have maintained a clean academic record throughout my years in this


The undergraduate study has given me a comprehensive exposure to
a wide spectrum of courses, namely, Machine Design, Kinematics of Machinery,
Operation Research, Finite Element Analysis, Thermodynamics, Mechanics of
Solids, Robotics, Computer aided Design/Computer aided Manufacturing, Production
Engineering, Modern Manufacturing Practices etc. I strongly believe in
“learning by doing”. It is the hope of coming up with path breaking results
streaked with an element of uncertainty that makes experimental results
extremely fascinating.


I went beyond the four walls of the classroom, during my
undergraduate course; I took part in industrial visits and went to many
industries for exposure. I wanted to get a closer look at the application of
Mechanical Engineering, for that I did Internships in reputed companies of
India like Maruti Suzuki (largest car manufacturer in India) and Minda Group of
Industries for a period of 6weeks and 2 months respectively. I worked in the
casting section in Maruti and did research on reduction of leakage of water
used for cooling the dies. In Minda group of Industries I worked under the assembly
section and got to know the challenges faced in a manufacturing company. All
these extra-curricular activities have made me socially accomplished with
self-confidence, communicating skills, leadership qualities and team spirit. I
have also undertaken a project in final year of my Bachelor’s Degree.


I as a project leader I learned the practical difficulties in
implementing the task, with the help of limited resources available. With
guidance of my mentor and faculty at my university and I successfully completed
them in time.


I was part of organizing committee in the department’s weekly
co-curricular activities, which bring out a platform for college students to
interact with experts from industry; we organized many seminars and workshops
under the college support.


My objectives of joining a Masters in Science field are very
clear. I want to hone my intellectual abilities; to acquire in-depth competence
in my stream of engineering; to develop individuality and conviviality; to
learn for collective good and expand my horizons of knowledge. After ten years
I envision myself as engaged in a career of manufacturing. I also get immense
pleasure from teaching. Along with my studies I managed to take tuitions
from class 8th to 12th. I enjoy interacting with people and this
leads me to believe that sharing my knowledge that I gain through my masters in
technical background would be a very rewarding experience. My dream is to apply
my gained advanced knowledge in benefit and service of industry, which needs
professionals like me most for its development.


In this era of technological revolutions, Canada has been at the
forefront of pioneering work in the evolution of technology with the industry
giants and I hope to get benefit from this great endeavor. My decision to
pursue graduate studies in the University of Windsor is a result of lengthy
discussions with the faculty. Browsing through the information brochure and the
University’s home page, I feel that the graduate study here holds a lot of
promise to me. The breadth and depth of the courses coupled with a stimulating
research environment seem to me the right mix for seminal work and pioneering


I found your esteemed
university, known for its great facilities, will be the ideal place for me to
pursue my graduate studies.  Interacting with the best minds of the world
will be an enriching experience and this will spur me on, to being the very
best in my field. I eagerly wait
for your benevolent act of accepting me into your fold and granting an
admission in Masters in Mechanical Engineering program.



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