AIDS awareness campaign

1. An AIDS awareness campaign in Mexico must handled with delicacy, as there is much stigma surrounding the issue. There is a strong Catholic influence due to which the matters of sexual education and even sexual education are highly controversial ones. The stigma is indeed so intense that the topic is rarely discussed, as result of which many rural Mexicans have never even heard of it. Spouses do not inform each other out of fear of reprisal by the neighbors and their family.

But, since the issue of AIDs infection is such a serious one, it is best that message itself be delivered in a straightforward, direct manner, but layered with heavy emotional appeal. Informative appeals will be necessary to educate the uninformed about the nature, severity and the risk of disease, whereas the persuasive appeal is necessary to motivate people to action, to take responsibility for their sexual activities and their health. 2. The Mexican AIDS campaign will have to target a minimum of two segments. The first segment has to be rural, lower class women.

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According to the case, there is a general sense of “machismo” in the country, where men are considered invincible, and are thus averse to seeking aid and help. This fact supports the notion that bringing about behavioral change, especially in regards to sexual activity, will be much more difficult with men. Also, , given that fact that women comprised one sixth of the AIDS cases, whereas in around the 1980s, they comprised about one twentieth of them. Therefore there is an evident trend where women are increasingly growing victims of the disease.

The second segment that must be catered to is young adults; high school and university students. This is meets the of objective of reducing stigma; biases and negative dispositions are reinforced over time, thus the older people are the harder it is to change their minds. Many young people adhere to the misconception that HIV/AIDS only happens to prostitutes, homosexuals and the sexually promiscuous, the best way to challenge that belief is to get to them at as young an age possible to make them aware of the reality, and the severity of a disease.

3. The media mix necessary for this campaign will require heavy usage of mass marketing media, as the campaign has to reach out to both urban and rural areas. Television, newspapers and radio channels will need to be employed as these channels provide the highest levels of reach towards the desired audience. The campaign has to stimulate the practice of safe sex, so the copy must involve a strong call to action, such as “Protect others by protecting yourself.

Get tested for AIDS/HIV today”. Additional information such as contact numbers for testing clinics, guarantees of anonymity and patient confidentiality etc can be provided. Once people actually go to get tested, they can meet with doctors directly who can educate them about safer sex practices. 4. Successful partnerships within Mexico will require the use of organizations that have a strong local presence. Thus, Casa Alianza and the Family Health International such should be used.

An affiliation with MTV would be beneficial in reaching out to younger audiences, whereas radio stations focus on lower classes. A football star could be used to endorse the vision of the campaign, someone who is a popular role model who supports the AIDS awareness cause. This celebrity could be made the star feature of a youth mobilization programme, held at universities and hospitals. It could be a grand event geared at raising awareness where people can come to see the star himself speak about the issue, where they will receive pamphlets as well as merchandise.


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