Ah, close family friends. We would be seated

Ah, childhood. Do you remember those endless summer days, wandering through the green fields, hanging out with your friends?  well, I don’t. In my blurry memories, my childhood was a blend of fine dining and  fast food.  Although I can barely recall what i had for dinner two nights ago. I can still accurately portray the nights when my dad would bring the whole family to the best known restaurants in the city. From elders to cousins to close family friends. We would be seated in one of the restaurants biggest rooms. walls separate us from the anxiety of acting formal. So we could enjoy a good family occasion with the luxurity of elegant dining. Time to time there would be a board window where we can enjoy a grand view of the city’s night. The high ceiling decorated with bright chandelier. With the streetlights glowing through the crystal clear glass window. Forms a beautiful and rich atmosphere.The waiter serves endless courses of meal. Right away the famous abalone have me excited. Carefully browned to perfection, coated with a layer of supreme oyster sauce, decord along with a touch of green. Melts the second it enters my mouth, as I taste the sweetness it also brings a hint of the sea. Next I reached for a crab cake. The big blue plate contrastes with the golden crusted cakes that is topped with wonderfully caramelized pineapple on top. Completed by long cut chives, cilantro leaf, and black sesame seeds. The strong flavor of the snow blue crab and the sweetness of the pineapple worked heavenly together.  Even though dessert is always something a kid craved for. I am no different, but I would always run out of space in my stomach before the sweets arrive. Even with our mouth occupied, the table side is full of conversations and laughter. It has been years since we all sat together and relish a meal. It meant more than eating lavish food. It is pieces of priceless experiences that shaped my childhood.


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