Agriculture is an important invention because it can

 Agriculture had some major inventions that shaped it’s future. Some past inventions were the start of current
inventions and machines. Inventions have developed a lot over history and have even helped develop land and
territories. Then some inventions are just good old classics. My top three inventions are the mason jar (good old
classic), steel plow, and refrigerated railcars.
First up, Mason jars, this invention is very important because it can store your food. In the winter you can’t
grow any crops so if you store it in a mason jar, you can keep it for when you aren’t growing anything. If you can
and preserve your food in a mason jar, it stays good longer. And it’s much more efficient and keeps your food good
for later use. In all, I think this is an important invention because it can preserve your goods for later use.
Next up is the steel plow, this invention is very important because it helped Americans move west. The soil was
really rocky and the steel plow could till the land. The soil was different in the west and the wooden plows the
Americans were using kept on braking; but the steel plow could work the land and withstand the tough soil. The steel
plow is important because it allowed farmers to cut into the thick and sticky soil of the West. The soil also wouldn’t
stick to the plow as it would a wooden one.
Finally the refrigerated railcars, this invention is important because prior to it’s use, people just had to eat what
was locally grown and their own crops. With this creation people could eat food from farther away and it would still
be good. This had a huge impact on American diet by proving more food options like fresh produce and meats. This
was an essential link between large cities and farms from around the country. This also gave way to big cities
because they didn’t have to grow everything locally anymore, they could get it transported from somewhere around
the country.
These 3 each played important roles in the history of agriculture. Whether it was cutting through the thick,
sticky soil of the West, preserving your food, or keeping it fresh so you can get food from around the country, these
inventions have had an impact on how we live nowadays. These classic inventions set up future, now present,
inventions and are important to our history. Overall, I think these inventions were top 3 because they had huge
impacts on the development and settlement of America. 


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