After variables and events and, therefore, cannot control

After reading some of the chapter in
Pys-205 I came to understand that there’s more to lifespan development that I originally thought. It all
starts from the day of contraception ongoing until your first breath you take,
too toddler years, childhood, adult years and senior years. Life itself its

          Descriptive case studies are qualitative
and unreliable (The Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Study
Research, 2015).
One of the biggest disadvantages to using the case study method has to do with
external vs. internal validity. Using the case study method, the researcher
often does not have control over certain variables and events and, therefore,
cannot control them as the researcher could in a lab experiment Consequently,
the researcher using the case study method must be content that his/her
findings may only be applicable to similar cases. What the case study gains in
internal validity, it loses in external validity. (The Advantages
and Disadvantages of Case Study Research, 2015)

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Case studies can help me get a better idea of the information I’m
missing and the information I already have. An advantage is easy to read
information.  For example, the case study
can be exploratory (create new knowledge), constructive (solve some problem),
or confirmatory (test a hypothesis with empirical evidence). (The Advantages and
Disadvantages of Case Study Research, 2015). This source of
method was originated in the medical and psychology field which means it
reliable and many researchers use it. The case study can also use either a
primary (the researcher collects the data) or secondary (the researcher uses
someone else’s data) approach (The Advantages and Disadvantages of Case Study
Research, 2015).

Descriptive research is a method that can
be used to ask the “What”, describing “what” is the start of all research. For
example, “What” characteristics does you research subject have? And what impact
does it have for your research. Correlational Research Method also known as an association and connection; both positive
and negative of two variables. (McLeod,
Correlation, 2008).
 Human behaviors manifest in many ways and are determined
by culture, emotions, attitudes, values, ethics, coercion, persuasion and
genetics. Upon completion of study, conclusions are determined. The study of
human behavior enables psychologists and other social scientists to suggest
explanations for human behavior. (What are methods of studying
human behavior?, 2018). Case Studies are in-depth investigations of a single
person, group, event or community. Typically, data are gathered from a variety
of sources and by using several different methods  (McLeod,
Case Study Method, 2008). Case studies strength provides
detailed information, insight for further research. (McLeod, Case
Study Method, 2008). Other research design
questions that can be useful may be descriptive, “How common does environment
affect an expectant mother during and after pregnancy?”. Normative, “How
serious is this impact and to what extend?” The
most effective method for my case would be collection of data. Environmental, I
would gather women from the same demographic residences same age range jot down
all information i.e. number of women, number of women who used drugs and doses,
every women poverty line and number of life or dead births. I also will gather
every data possible thru comparison charts, tally’s sheets and questionnaires. This
will give me a statistical view of how these women are affected by their
environment, and how their environment impacts their new offspring. Environment
also impacts the physically development and mentally development of the newborn
to toddler’s years.

 The environment in which women live affects the
development of their baby both in the womb and after birth. This can occur in
both young mother raging from (13-30) to older mothers (31-50). I really want
to focus on their ages because I’ve notice that women who have a child over age
37 tend to have an offspring with a higher risk of birth defects and chromosome
defects. Environment can also have an impact on the way you are raised and what
you come to be in life, professional and academically.


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