After participating in the 2014 NFTE Summer BizCamp

After participating in the 2014 NFTE Summer BizCamp Experience at Babson College, not only was I infatuated by saying the word entrepreneur, but I was intrigued by the idea of becoming one. Initially, the idea of spending several weeks in a classroom with all girls seemed like it would be problematic. The first day, however, went very smoothly and I found the experience to getter better each day. Our teacher made it clear that there would not be any trouble in the classroom as long as we were mature and put our full effort into the class. We developed a set guidelines for what was expected of us and everyone abided by them. As the session progressed, everyone grew close to one and other.The program taught my classmates and I fundamental business skills and what it was like to be a businesswoman in the workplace.Various topics were discussed as they pertained to business and how to overcome the challenges of the business world especially being young women. The many activities and workshops we completed allowed us to practice and analyze the skills taught in the day’s lesson. Rather than learning about the mathematical aspects of business, we focused more on the conceptual factors and the application of creativity. Most importantly, we learned to work together and accept the failures that come with being an entrepreneur.To me, an entrepreneur can be defined as anyone who has the passion and drive to start a business and accept all the failures that come with the process. Starting a business is an arduous process that requires a lot of time, effort, and organization. You cannot expect to find success as an entrepreneur without having the persistence of a “go-getter”. Although I was a participant in the program nearly four years ago, I still vividly remember my experience. Having been only fourteen years old at the time, I looked forward to what I was to be taught and to being on an actual campus.Before participating in this program, I lacked the ability to accept failure. Nonetheless, I had no choice but to endure much failure through trial and error. I was not able to accomplish every task the way I wanted to.I am thankful for attending the NFTE Summer Bizcamp because it provided me with insight and guidance in my journey towards becoming more of an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurship is not when your company is up and running, it’s when you can successfully say that you’ve tried and are willing to continue working toward your business goals. This is not to say that every goal you have as an entrepreneur will be achieved, but it is to say that every goal will be attempted with effort. I now apply to Babson with the assurance that I will have the ability to advance my academic career and more than adequately prepare myself for my future profession plans. My time spent on campus allowed me to see Babson for more than the great education the school provides. I was able to join a community of kind, open-minded scholars that were willing to find success by their own means and I would love to join that community once again.  


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