After habits of the population and the creation

After finishing the exhibition, and corresponding to the initial target, it was important to establish a continuity of the uses in the intervention space for the exhibition.

A protocol was signed between the company Parque Expo and the two municipalities, which established the principles for the joint development of the legal, institutional and financial model of the urban management of the Expo’98 intervention zone, for a transitional phase until the full integration of the area into the municipal management of the local authorities concerned. The strategy aimed at the following aspects:

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-Determine previously the uses for each pavilion, considering its integration in the new centrality of Lisbon, in the post-Expo’98 period;

-To integrate the public spaces and the infrastructures of the Expo’98 in the General plan;

-Find a strategy that takes advantage of the attraction of Expo’98 in the overall plan by creating a new dynamic in the habits of the population and the creation of branding.

-To establish, from the beginning of the process, an organization that ensures coordination during Expo’98 and the post-Expo’98 transition period.

– Create a monitoring system for the plan taking into account the impact on the overall operation.

The objective of the Society was to ensure the maintenance of the territory of Parque das Nações, continuing the urban quality standard inherited from the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition so that it would function as the showcase of modern Lisbon, fulfilling the role that had been assigned to it in the field of interurban competitiveness: To promote economic and social development, modernity and the international affirmation of the Lisbon metropolitan area as a European centrality. (Resolution of the Council of Ministers 68/98).



The management of Parque das Nações represents a permanent challenge for the company in order to provide this territory with the necessary conditions to contribute to the consolidation of this eastern part of Lisbon as the most modern centrality of the city and one of the areas with the best quality of life of the Country.7


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