After getting tattooed there are steps that need

After getting tattooed there are steps that need to be
followed to ensure a safe healing and prevent any infections. Follow the
instructions below and the process will be easy and free of complications.

Follow these
instructions and do not what you have heard from other people. If you have any
questions about the healing process please call 604-***-****.

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#1 Leave the bandage on for at least 2 hours.

The bandage can be left on overnight but removal in the morning is
necessary to let your skin breathe! DO NOT REBANDAGE YOUR TATTOO.

#2 After removal of your bandage, wash thoroughly with warm

                A mild, UNSCENTED, soap can be used as well.
(Jergens, Dial, Dove, etc.)

#3 Pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel.

                Do not apply aftercare lotion right away,
allow your tattoo to air dry for at least 1 hour.

#4 Keep your tattoo from drying out and flaking.

Apply a THIN layer of FRAGRANCE FREE lotion whenever you notice that
your tattoo is dry/flakey/uncomfortable. It is important that this is a THIN
layer of product and it is recommended that you stay away from oils and ointments
(Vaseline, Polysporin, ect.) as this prevents your skin from breathing.

Please call us if your tattoo

#5 Keep your tattoo CLEAN.

Don’t forget that a tattoo is a wound! Treat it as if it is a mild case
of road-burn. Gently rinse your tattoo with warm water and mild soap, always
PAT TO DRY. Do this 2 times a day and increase this number if you are out
running around all day or getting dirty in your backyard.

#6 Repeat this process for 3 weeks or until healed.

Because this is a wound, your tattoo is going to scab. This is normal. As
it heals it will begin to flake so don’t be frightened if you see coloured or
black pieces of your skin falling off. DO

#7 Avoid SOAKING and SUN.

Do not allow for your tattoo to become fully soaked. Avoid pools, hot
tubs, baths, natural bodies of water, etc. This could lead to your scabs
becoming soft and falling out which can lead to blurring of lines and murky

#8 Post Healing

To ensure your tattoo stays looking good for years to come ALWAYS put
sunblock over it when you are in the sun and as your ink is UNDER your skin,
proper skin care (cleaning and moisturizing) is important for a good lookin’


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