After forty-three questions long. It had similar question

taking the assessment for “Time Out: What Type of Thinker Are You?” my results
lean toward being a left-brain person. Which I take to mean that I am a more
systemic type person. When you the chart below that we were given I circled more
in the first column than the second.  The
questionnaire under the heading “Situations” my individual score was a
seventy-six.  Most of my answer were that
I wouldn’t take the chance. I don’t think it is always good to take risk. I
think it is good to look at all angles and perspectives.

Player test had a total of seventy-four questions. My results were that I don’t
fear criticism at all in a group situation. I can also work in a group and not
be worried that my work or ideas may get rejected from the group. I am also
able to take negative feedback or construct criticism as part of the process of
being in a group or team. Out of hundred I scored a zero on the Team Player
test.  The Team Role test was forty-three
questions long. It had similar question to the Team Player test at first but
then got a little more complex. It gave you different scenario and you had to
choose up to three that fit. At the end of the test you were given a list of
your strengths, potential strengths and limitations related to your teamwork
competencies. My strengths were: go interpersonal skills, able to effectively
resolve conflict, able to work with your team to resolve problems, able to
communicate effectively during teamwork, able to manage the different tasks,
goals and other aspects of teamwork, great at setting team goals, and lastly
skilled at planning and coordination with teammates. There were no potential
strengths detected. Finally, the only limitation that I had was that I prefer
to individually over being in a group or team.

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can perform well with in a group or team. But I prefer to work alone. I would
also work well and contribute within the group with no issues. I could use my
strengths to keep the team on task and organized. I could also use them to help
eliminate issue between team members before they start or to resolve them by
finding common solutions. By setting goals and understanding how each person
work this could also help build and effective them. 


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