Africa, will enable me to use both qualitative

Africa, even though endowed with enormous natural resources,
has been locked in a cycle of devastating conflict, political and leadership
crises, hunger, bureaucratic inefficacy, rampant corruption with majority of
her population living on less than a dollar a day. The primary responsibility
in addressing these challenges rests with Africans which in turn requires a
robust education to unlock the needed solutions. Born into poverty and raised
by a single parent has taught me the essence of community service. It has
motivated me to work hard and to pursue knowledge and skills necessary to help
change my community and country, Ghana. At a very tender age, I came face to
face with poverty and my education nearly came to a halt, as I was frequently
taken to the farm to engage in farming activities as early as 5:00am.This
uncontrolled event sparked my childhood curiosity for grasping the phenomenon
of poverty and inequality faced by millions and my current ambition of studying
MA in Political Science with a specialization in Comparative Politics.

conflicts and Poverty are major development issues that confront Africa and the
entire global village. The international system is characterized by so many
conflicts leading to loss of lives and properties. The presence of civil wars
in many parts of Africa such as Liberia, Cote D’Ivoire, Sierra Leone and many
others have led to amputee camps in these areas and poverty level is on the
rise.  Many people in Africa live in
abject poverty and the gap between the rich and poor keeps on widening making
life unbearable for many in the international system.

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As a student of political studies, the area of interest that
I would like to research if given the opportunity is Conflict Management and
resolution. My research interest will seek to look at causes, effects and
solutions  of the major international

 I therefore hope to work on a tentative
research topic “The
role of Intergovernmental organizations in the post conflict peace building
processes in Liberia after the 13-year Civil war”. I intent to used
transformative research technique which will enable me to use both qualitative
and quantitative research method.


After my
graduate studies in the course, I intent to set up a foundation that caters for
children and the disabled in deprived communities in Africa. I am also planning
of setting up an NGO that ensures human rights promotion and protection in
countries to contribute my quota in making the world a better place for all.


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