“Adele North America. The album was named after

“Adele was nominated for a 2008 Mercury Prize award for 19. She also won an Urban
Music Awards for “Best Jazz Act.” She also received a Q Awards nomination in the category of
Breakthrough Act and a Music of Black Origin nomination in the category of Best UK Female”.(
News.bbc.co.uk). In March 2008, Adele signed a deal with Columbia Records and XL
Recordings for her attack into the United States. She entered on a short North American tour in
the same month, and 19 was released in the US in June. Billboard magazine stated of it: “Adele
truly has potential to become among the most respected and inspiring international artists of her
generation”.(Jessica Diehl). The An Evening with Adele world tour began in May 2008 and
ended in June 2009.
Adele began writing her second album 21 in April 2009, when she was still involved in a
relationship that afterwards inspired the record. Displeased with once again portraying herself as
the musical writer of her debut, “she had intended to compose a more upbeat and contemporary
follow-up”.(Kate Beaudion) However, studio sessions ended due to a lack of inspiration. She
resumed production immediately after the breakdown of her relationship, channelling her
heartbreak and depression into her songs. Adele collaborated with many songwriters and
producers, including “Columbia Records co-president Rick Rubin, Paul Epworth, Ryan Tedder,
Jim Abbiss, and Dan Wilson”(A&E Television Networks).
The album 21 was released on 24 January 2011 in Europe and on 22 February in North
America. The album was named after the age of Adele during the production. 21 had a big
influence on her 2008 debut album 19, ” was further inspired by American country and Southern
blues music to which she had been exposed to during her 2008 to 2009 North America tour”
(Sylvia Patterson).
Adele did a vocal performance of her album 21 and was confront modest commercial
expectations of her KL Recordings. The album topped the charts in more than 30 countries and
became the world’s best selling album of the year for 2011 and 2012. In the United Kingdom, it
is the best selling album of the 21st century and fourth best selling album of all time. “While in
23 weeks it top the UK album chart is the longest by a female solo artist. In the United States, the
album held the top position for 24 weeks, longer than any other album since 1985 and the longest
by a female solo artist in Billboard” (Forbes Contributors). As well, it had the most weeks on the
Billboard chart of any album by a woman. “Album 21 was ranked as the greatest Billboard 200
album of all time. It’s also the most certified album ever with more than 400 certifications all
over the world” (TheFamousPeople.com).
Following 21, it was “certified by the Recording industry Association of American (
RIAA), donating shipments of ten million copies in the United States, making Adele the only
artist of the 2010s to achieve this certification with two albums”.( bbc.co.uk) Many journalists
felt that the album impacted the music industry by encouraging the public to return to buying
physical albums, instead of downloading or streaming.
Five singles were released to promote the album rolling in the Deep, Someone like you
and Set Fire to the Rain these songs was international number one songs, while Rumor Has It
charted in the 20 across Europe and North America. Globally, 21 was the biggest selling musical
release for 2011 and 2012. Over 31 million copies sold worldwide. 21 is one of the best selling
album of all time. “Critics hailed the album as a shift from the overly sexual and musically
status, and attributed its success to its deeply autobiographical yet universal songs. Shortlisted
for the 2011 Mercury Prize, 21 won the 2012 Grammy Awards for Album of the Year and the
Brit Award for British Album of the Year” (Jessica Diehl).
Following the release of 21 2011, Adele was considering quitting music. However, in
early 2012 she announced “she was simply taking a break from music in order to take time and
live her life”(Joe Coscarelli). Her break from music came to an end after the birth of her first
child in October 2012, Having her son inspired her to start recording music again in order for
him to know what she does. Before the album’s recording came under way, Adele made a
conscious decision not to try and create another album like 21.
Adele’s third album 25 was released on 20th of November 2015, through KL Recording.
Nearly five years after the release, and international success of her second studio album 21. The
title 25 was a reflection of her life and of mind at 25 years old. This album was the theme of
motherhood and regrets in her life. Third album 25 received generally positive reviews from
music critics.”The album was a massive commercial success, debuting at number one hit in 32
countries and broke first week sales record in multiple countries. Including United Kingdom and
United States”(Nicole Frehsee). In the U.S, the album sold 3.38 million copies in its first week of
release. 25 eventually became the world’s best selling album of the year of 2015 with 17.4
million copies sold. Adele’s third album 25 made one of the best selling albums of all time.
In 2017, Adele won five Grammy Awards for her work on her album 25, including her
other albums, records, song of the year, as well as Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop
Vocal Album. With her amazing win, Adele became the first artist in Grammy history to be in
the top three categories twice in 2012 and 2017. Adele has shown people that you don’t have to
be thin or hot looking to be a successful musician. You just have to be able to put yourself out
there and tell the world your story through song. Throughout Adele’s career, she has always stay
true to herself. She has never change her personality. She is still a strong women who does not
care what people think of her


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