Adapting out that his father has cancer and

the book into the film is disadvantageous. Many things are left out of the
movie that play a huge role in the book. The same thing happens in Nicholas
Sparks’s book, The Last Song. Many
scenes, events or details were taken out when the adaptation of the film was

In The Last Song a major difference between the book and the movie is made by the moment when Ronnie’s father dies. In the book Ronnie finds out that his father has cancer and he doesn’t have much time to live. Ronnie decides to stay with him, to spend time with her dad, in a way to recover the time they lost. While she stays with her dad, Ronnie finds a song ,”For Ronnie”,  that her father wrote for her but she realizes is incomplete. Her father had been writing the song before his illness forced him to stop. When his dad is in hospital she finishes the song. With the help of her friend, Blaze, tore down the plywood around her dad’s piano, brought him there, and Ronnie played for him. Also is the first and last time they share a song together. Ronnie’s dad listen to the song that she had finished, the song that Ronnie had perfected. Ronnie’s father dies a week after while sleeping.          Ronnie cherished the memories her and her father had shared and much more the fact that she was beside him when he died. Those moments were so private for her, she felt so blessed that she could share with her father  a moment like this, that she wasn’t able to tell anyone about it. She wanted to keep just for her the last moments she spent with her father.           On the other hand, in the movie she is playing the piano fixing their song and then as she finishes it she looks up and sees her dad’s glass of water tipped over, symbolizing the ending of his father’s  life. In the scene where Ronnie’s dad dies, it starts off with just the sound of her lifting up the cover of the piano and her beginning to play the song. This is a medium close-up shot. It is a shot from the shoulders past the head. She stops and then fixes the melody to fit a better variation. As she is doing this, the sounds keep playing, but the screen is showing how she is helping her dad. Ronnie has finally come around playing the piano and is intently concentrating on fixing her dad’s original song called For Ronnie. From once in a while Ronnie’s father appear on the screen remembering the precious moments he spent with her daughter. When Ronnie finishes the song the shot passes through a jump cut and with a medium shot her father is portrayed from the outside of the room, illuminated only by the faint light of the lamp. After a few seconds in which his hand and the glass of water tipped over are shown from a close shot the camera returns to Ronnie showing her tears.   

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