Accounting it intrigues me. As an individual I

Accounting and Finance is a subject I would like to study at a higher level due to the fact it is a subject I am highly interested in and it intrigues me. As an individual I feel more comfortable working with the numerical side of things.

I was always good with numbers and therefore maths became one of my strongest subjects; it was as I grew that I realised I would like to pursue a career regarding Mathematics. While I was growing up I realised that maths has a significant influence in many things in life, whether it be choosing the right car insurance quote to NASA sending off a spacecraft. Once I started A Level studies, and was exposed to the different sides of maths, it was then I gathered Accounting and Finance is something I would like to pursue. Accounting allows for strategic plans to be made – as an individual I am the person who likes to think logically and believe everything should be followed in a strategic way. Accountants have a lot of responsibilities and are essentially the backbone of a company’s finance, and have a say in major decisions.

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I am currently studying Mathematics at A Level alongside Business Studies and Media Studies. All three of these subjects interlink as both Business and Media require strategical thinking. I used to  think businesses require basic maths skills to keep running until I came to a realisation that it requires complex mathematical decisions. I am the ideal candidate to study Accounting and Finance at university level due to the fact that I enjoy a challenge – challenges require to be broken apart and then put together using a certain way of thinking which not a lot of people possess.

Whilst studying for A Levels, I undertook a part time job at Aston Villa Football Club and also at Wombourne Tandoori Restaurant. This allowed me to not only manage my time between studies and work but also provide me with experience that will be required in the university environment. One being communication skills, from working in a fast paced environment I’m able to adapt myself to different people’s needs. In addition to this point, I prepared the management accounts and reconciled bank balances at the restaurant. This allowed me to get an insight of what Accounting and Finance is about.

Partaking in the Duke of Edinburgh award allowed me to develop my leadership, time management and team working skills. During the expedition I took the responsibility of team leader, delegating roles to my team as I lead the group through the expedition. These particular skills have been vastly improved and are applicable to my studies as certain modules require group activities.

During my first year of A Levels, I mentored GCSE Maths students for the upcoming mocks and exams. Not only did this enhance my own mathematical skills but it also developed my ability to interact with variety of people. As well as mentoring GCSE Maths students I also tutored my neighbour with learning difficulties – it was a challenge but it taught me how to adapt a style of teaching which can help me with a potential career as an accountant. By taking on several challenges I am an ideal candidate to study Accounting and Finance as confronting a challenge is a fundamental aspect of becoming an Accountant.



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