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According to The Washington Post, for every 1,000 people killed by police, only one officer is convicted of a crime. On March 3rd, 1991 a man from Los Angeles named Rodney Glen King was unfairly and brutally beaten by police officers. The police officers were proven not guilty, which made people angry. This event caused many riots which involved stores being robbed and people being killed in the city of Los Angeles, California. The Rodney King beating was a very unfair event and caused a lot of anger and murders because he was innocent and the cops overdid it, the riots caused a lot of harm, and the cops were unpunished for several years, when finally they got a very light one. One day in California, Rodney King and two friends were driving home from a basketball game and they were intoxicated. It was reported from the cops that they were “driving at a very high speed” so they were pulled over. When they got out of the car they were told to lay on the ground with hands behind their backs. Rodney King and his friends were unarmed and they had no weapons. The cops then got out metal batons and started to whip Rodney King over fifty times, and they kept going even when he asked them to stop. A man named George Holliday filmed the whole thing with his video camera and he was the reason why anybody even knew about it. It was revealed, from Stacey Koon that the officer Powell had a “big time use of force” against Rodney King. This shows that this method of punishment would not be used on most. In conclusion, this shows Rodney King was unarmed and how the cops overdid it.After the terrible beating of Rodney King, there was a trial in California. Even though there was strong video evidence, the cops were ruled not guilty. Very shortly after this verdict, “The city of Los Angeles went up into flames”, according to Professor Douglas O. Linder. The people, many African Americans, of Los Angeles thought the verdict was unfair. They were determined to show it by rioting in Los Angeles. These riots were one of the highlights of the 1990s, and not necessarily a good one. They broke into stores and stole things, they shouted “Guilty!” outside the courthouse, they vandalized and set fire to buildings and cars. There was increasing violence against Caucasians, such as throwing bricks and smashing their cars. One of the worst things that happened during the riots was when a Caucasian man named Reginald Denny was taken from his truck by African Americans and beaten. He also had bricks smashed on his face. These acts are just a tiny example of the damage that was done during the riots. According to Karen Grigsby Bates, there were 54 deaths and over 2000 injuries. In conclusion, these are very good examples why the riots took LA by storm and caused a lot of trouble. After Rodney King was beaten, the video of the beating recorded by George Holliday was broadcasted all over TV. This meant that people knew what the cops had done, and according to, “prosecution wheels began turning,” and cops who were at the beating were suspended. Also, a trial had been scheduled


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